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10 Examples of Website Built Using Elementor – October

10 Examples of Website Built Using Elementor – October

It’s the last day of October and it’s Halloween. Yes! No witches or monsters can stop us from posting these top 10 sites built using the leading page builder, Elementor. The following are sites of different businesses possessing excellent user interface and user experience through the use of Elementor page5 builder. Ready to check them out? Let’s get started! Steel Box Co


This one is a web development company and also offers digital marketing services. There is an animated typing effect on the banner’s title in front of an image in parallax. Below it is an About section that uses san serif fonts on left-aligned texts. Scrolling reveals their services offered in a three-column section with images and texts that alternates from one side to another. I like the wavy partitions between some sections and use of parallax on the pages’ header. Also, the combination of Black and Aquamarine added elegance and aesthetics to the site. View Website Cocoon Styling

Cocoon Styling

Cocoon Styling is a group of hair stylists and makeup artists. At first, the company’s logo is displayed on the banner then the image will start sliding animatedly. When the Menu button is clicked, a sticky side navigation bar will appear. A before and after slider is also present on the site. I like it because it allows the user to view a comparison between two images and control it by himself. There is also a slider gallery in showcasing their recent works on makeup and hair styling. Their services are enclosed within containers with a button that opens a modal form for the price list when clicked. Another thing is that Taupe combined with Black always results in an elegant looking website. Mambane African Designs

Mambane African Designs

Waiting for me to mention a Woocommerce site? The wait is finally over. Mambane African Designs is a site that offers clothes for fashion depicting African designs. Products are categorized on the homepage into sections: women, men, and children. Each includes a CTA and featured products. The images are vibrant in color and I like that the products have almost the same look that gives this unified look. Scrolling down as you view the product, the site will provide you with reviews and more related products. Thus, giving the customers the information they need for them to guarantee their purchase.

Jet Blog |Elementor Resources

Jet Blog

Jet Blog offers Elementor widgets for Magazine websites. The banner shows the plugins they are offering and below it is a video showing how every plugin can be customized. It is followed by sections with alternating layout of images, headings and texts. I love the typography on the homepage and the combination of Pink and Blue is observed throughout the website. Every plugin has its own page where more examples and previews of it are being displayed. What I loved about it more is that the previews are already responsive in which videos can be played and links can be visited. View Website Mason & Megan

Mason & Megan

Here comes another site for photography – Mason & Megan, a couple wedding photographers. On the homepage, recent blog posts are featured within containers applied with hover overlay styles. I like that the About Us page includes their images in a masonry layout. The Process page is what I like the most on this site. There is a menu that changes the content and the banner of the page when clicked. Their recent works are showcased on the Galleries page with tag filters. This site is indeed stunning and sophisticated. Makaroni


Wanna talk about food? Let this one be the talk. Exclusive food products from Italy are what Makaroni offers. Upon accessing the site, you’ll easily appreciate how the site maintained a color scheme of Green, Red, and White which is based from Italy’s flag color. Their products are categorized using icons on the homepage. I personally like its simplicity and neatness. The site also comes with a page where different cuisines are featured with banner images applied with hover overlay styles. Also, you’ll observe the consistent use of slick sliders and shrink animations as you browse through the site. This Woocommerce site also uses a sticky top navbar which is a plus for me. Oscar Collica

Oscar Collica

How about personal owned sites? Oscar Collica is a VFX (visual effects) artist and his site proves a lot especially the video background on the top part. Scrolling reveals the names and icons of the softwares that he uses. More section about his skills is displayed as you continue scrolling down the homepage. The Portfolio page has tag filters navigation and containers are applied with hover overlay styles. Each project has an individual page that gives a thorough description of the work and will surely impress you, not just because of the work itself but also because of how its contents are laid out. Birches & Pine Wedding Photography

Birches & Pine Wedding Photography

Can’t get rid of photography sites? Here comes another one. Birches & Pine Wedding Photography is a team of two longtime friends who are passionate at shooting weddings. The banner looks amazing with its full-width background images that animatedly slides. The navigation bar is placed below it which is uncommon but I still like it. The site makes a consistent use of tilt opacity divider and can be observed on the banners of every page. On the homepage, some images are featured in a masonry layout which I really like. The use of serif fonts gives this elegant look to the site plus the color scheme used. Smart Start | Elementor Resources


Smartstart is a membership company with the goal of providing financial confidence among its members. The site uses a full-width background image in parallax on its banner. Scrolling makes the navigation bar docked-in at the top of the page. My most favorite part of this website is the How it works section. It has headings and texts that alternates one side to another and icon on the center. It has a fancy scrolling effect wherein the icons are filled-in with gradient colors as you scroll down the page. The site makes use of accordion for the FAQs. I love the uniformity in fonts. Proper placement of elements are observed throughout the site.

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