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10 Examples of Websites Built with Elementor – Last week of July

10 Examples of Websites Built with Elementor – Last week of July

Since it’s release in mid-2016, Elementor has gained over 1, 000, 000 installs and an impressive 5-star rating on

We at Elementor Resources showcases websites built using Elementor Plugin. Every week, we create a list of sites that made an excellent use of Elementor that sum up to a stunning interface along with a high usability feature.

This week’s Top 10 includes sites that may already be familiar to you but one thing is for sure, the best websites never run out of incredible features!


Pixelgrade is a team of thinkers and makers of WordPress themes since 2011.The site welcomes you with a banner that contains images, texts, and button in a solid Amethyst background. It features Arlo and Paco, the company’s dog employees wherein a speech bubble appears animatedly when the cursor is pointed to them.

There are four sections on the homepage with the same alternating layout. Each section contains two overlapping containers of sliding images. As you navigate the foreground image, the image in the background does the same.

The coolest thing on this site is in the About page in the Team section.  When in idle, the images are in sepia blue and cropped, but if you point the cursor to it, a GIF of them is played. I liked the concept of it because it features the company’s icon being used creatively on the GIFs. Overall, the site made a good of fonts and colors. The combination of the layout and the transitions made it even more artistic and elegant!

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Creative Core | Elementor Resources

Creative Core

Creative Core is an in-house marketing agency that helps businesses handle clients while they handle the brand, streamline and marketing side. The site has a video playing in the background of the banner.

Below it is a section that contains texts of different weights beside it are icons in gradient colors. It is followed by an About section, Featured Videos and Services section. It also has four blurbs containing numbers behind headings.

I like how they featured their recent works on the homepage. The previews scrolls as you scroll through the page. The site makes a great use of wavy dividers, branding colors, and well-chosen fonts.

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PowerPack is a website that offers widgets for Elementor. The site has a minimalist banner with images on the left side and texts and button on the right. It is followed by a section with three blurbs and wavy divider between them.

The homepage also has features widgets arranged into four columns with tags for popular, unique and new. Their products have shadow hover styles that make it look like floating when hovered.

The landing page ends with a styled About section with the team’s images in a 3×3 grid. Simplicity and neatness can be observed throughout the website. One will also surely appreciate the consistency of colors used.

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Steel Box Co

Steel Box Co

Steel Box Co is a company that specializes in the sale of new and used shipping containers. If your business that you are trying to build a website for is somewhat similar, this one is for you. The banner includes the company’s name and what makes it different is that its fill color is the same as the image on its side that makes it appear like an extension of the image.

Scrolling reveals two containers applied with hover overlay styles and descriptions appear animatedly. Just below are flip boxes that showcase the company’s products. I love the color scheme used on this 1-page site (grey and silver are usually associated with steel according to research, by the way). Another thing is that the site uses a sticky navigation bar which I find unique and helpful.

 Themes Grove | Elementor Resources


Themesgrove is a team of designers, developers, and nerds offering themes and plugins for WordPress. The banner has comic illustrations that complement well with the site’s color and theme.

Scrolling reveals the Why Us section with contents arranged into three columns and makes a good use of texts and icons. The homepage ends with an About section with center-aligned texts above a large image of the team.

The themes are categorized and one can have the options to refine the results. There is a corresponding page for every widget with alternating images that zoom in when hovered. Also, I know that just like me, you’ll also appreciate the slanting header on every web page of the site.

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Shake Design

Shake Design

If you are about to create a site for your design agency, then Shake Design’s site is an inspiration to look up to. Upon accessing the site, you’ll observe four things: the company’s logo on the upper left, a hamburger menu icon, a vertical dot navigation, and an accessibility tool icon. The accessibility tool allows you to adjust the interface according to your desired text size, color, and even brightness. One scroll instantly reveals a new section containing an image of one of the company’s recent works.

The About page has a slick slider on its banner and images in a masonry layout. On the Expertise page, one section corresponds to one service they offer and they surely look stunning! Team members are also showcased within containers and their names appear once hovered. I love that the site uses different colors but still maintained this artistic and neat look.

GB Design| Elementor Resources

GB Design Studio

GB Design Studio is specialized in branding, design, web development and digital marketing. Their services are being showcased on the site’s banner applied with flip transitions in front of a full-width parallax background.

There is a slanted divider between the Services section that follows it. It has four blurbs, each with a large icon and texts. Their portfolio looks great in a three column arrangement. Once you hover to any of it, the thumbnails become filtered with different colors.

The site makes a good use of headers of the same background image in parallax on each page. There are minimal transitions but overall, the site looks stunning and artistic.

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This one is NinjaOutreach’s site, a software that automates outreach by finding emails over millions of leads. Upon accessing the site, you’ll be welcomed by a large image on the banner with a button that allows you to play a video. Scrolling reveals text and screenshots that overlap one another and are laid out alternately from one side to another.

The site has a lot of text, good thing that most are placed within containers and partitioned accordingly. The Pricing page has four subscription boxes and a slider for the testimonials. The Contact page is created artistically and you surely have to check it out. I love the simplicity and neatness on the placement of contents. I also like the color scheme used – Cyprus, White, and Apple.

WP Elevation | Elementor Resources

WP Elevation

WP Elevation is a consulting company founded in May 2013 in Australia. The color scheme used is clearly based on the company’s logo which is color Blue and have it combined with Yellow.

There is no need for much animation on the banner because the layout is already artistic on its own. The background image on the banner is connected with the section next to it and this amazes me.

Popular reads section can be found if you scroll down the homepage. What I liked about it is the White background color that changes into the color as same as the font when hovered. Also, the images zooms in a bit. Proper alignment and typography can be observed throughout the site.

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SupaDezign | Elementor Resources


SupaDezign is a web design agency in China since 2004. I was personally in awe upon accessing the site (and I bet you will too). This one has a full-screen banner with ripple on it. The banner moves along with the cursor just like those when you move your hands over water.

The next section is also amazing! It has a slanted rectangle divided into three columns that make up one single image. Each column has a 3D hover effect wherein it faces one side and rotates as you move the mouse.

I also like the slanted and wavy line dividers between sections – unique and artistic. The site made an excellent use and consistency of branding colors.

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Thanks for coming this far! 🙂

Have Elementor sites suggestions? Comment them down on the section below and tell us why we should list them on our next best examples of websites built with Elementor!

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