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12+ FREE Divi Child Themes for 2020

12+ FREE Divi Child Themes for 2020




divi child theme

Pink is a FREE Divi Child Theme with stunning visual design and subtle animation effects. This Divi theme layout contains an immersive parallax background, gradient buttons, and pure beautiful imagery.

One notable feature of Pink is its use of contrasting colors that blends perfectly like magic. The use of a dark background followed by glowing box-shadows really works in the eye, creating a dark but beautiful tone.

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Breakfast is another FREE Divi Child theme with beautiful UX and amazing attention to detail. Upon visiting the demo, you would notice the use of lighter colors and incredibly subtle hover effects.

This FREE Divi Child theme is comparably short compared to other Divi Child themes in this list but nevertheless works on its purpose as a Divi Layout Pack.

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Our next FREE Divi Child Theme is Travel, a simple but modern Divi layout pack with awesome UI design. Sections from the Divi Child theme are spaced really well, and the use of orange and blue as the contrasting colors works like a charm.

Our Opinion:

The alternating image background of this Free Divi Child theme makes the web design part of it very flexible, offering tons of options to Divi developers that will use it.

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Altitude is another FREE Divi Child theme in this list that has a rather unusual but still aesthetically pleasing design. The Divi layout of Altitude is quite different, with lots of overlay images and yellow-colored backgrounds.

Our Opinion:

If your Divi website aims to be creative and is designed to encourage creativity and professionalism, try giving Altitude a try!

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App Developer


App Developer is a FREE Divi Child theme designed for App developers and app studios. This is obvious as the layout of this Divi Child theme’s page is pretty minimalist and is designed to communicate information in the most effective way possible.

Our opinion:

Personally, App Developer is among my most favorite FREE Divi Child themes in this list since I myself is an app developer and I definitely see myself using this Free Divi Child theme in the near future.

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Food Catering


Like our previous FREE Divi Child theme, Food Catering is a free Divi Layout created by the ElegantThemes Team themselves, so its design is guaranteed to be effective and stunning!

Our Opinion:

Objectively, Food Catering is a must check Divi Layout pack mostly for its unique design to the food industry. How images are distributed and displayed across the entire layout pack are amusing, especially the images of food. Moreover, animation effects are used to their minimal ideal extent to not ruin the visitor’s experience.

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Another FREE Divi Child theme from ElegantThemes, Funeral, as the name suggests, is a free Divi Layout for Funeral-related websites..

Our Opinion:

An astounding feature of Funeral is its modern design that somehow resembles SAAS websites. CTAs are well-positioned and distributed across the Divi Child theme. There’s also the unique background layout design that gives a unique feel to the Divi Child theme.

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  1. Vei

    On that PINK theme, i can’t edit it correctly because on the builder view it will autoscroll up whenever my mouse moving, it’s annoying, how to fix this? i want it to not scroll up automatically like NORMAL, like other theme. I can only edit this page/theme smoothly on wireframe view.

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