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11+ Best Elementor Addons for 2020

11+ Best Elementor Addons for 2020

The Elementor Page Builder currently have 90+ Widgets, 300+ Ready-made website templates and builders for Popups, Themes and WooCommerce. Despite those incredibly useful and undeniably powerful features, Elementor certainly is not for everything. That’s why the Elementor team themselves acknowledge the Third-party Elementor addons to fill-in that “gap”.

In this article, we listed our most recommended third-party Elementor addons that have features that we determine will be useful for the year 2020 and beyond!

But before anything else, although we recommend all of these, Elementor Pro is still our #1, so make sure you have it at the very least.

Let’s now dive in!


Premium Addons for Elementor

premium addons elementor addons

Currently having 100,000+ active installations on the official WordPress repository, Premium Addons offer 50+ highly customizable widgets and add-ons that will allow you to solve complicated web design and development problems with ease and no coding required. This Elementod addon is modular and lightweight, so you can enable only the elements that you need to your site.

Notable addons:

  • Blog Widget – Comes with a modern style, advanced posts filtering options, and also it allows you to create posts carousel.
  • Fancy Text Widget – The animated Fancy Text Widget comes with very useful options to help you create attractive marketing messages.
  • Content Switcher – Present multiple content in a smart way using Content Switcher Widget for Elementor. This widget is ideal for to present pricing plans. It works with simple text editor or Elementor templates.
  • Image Layers WidgetTRENDING – Unleash your creativity with Image Layers Widget that allows you to combine multiple images, order them in layers and make them animated and/or interactive with mouse and/or with scrolling.

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PowerPack Elements

powerpack addons elementor addons

Extending Elementor with 45+ widgets, 25+ which are free, PowerPack Elements is optimized and performance-wise Elementor addon. All widgets are well designed and provide precise and professional extensive styling options that will surely make your website better. With this Elementod addon, only activate the widgets that you want to save memory and increase website speed.

Notable addons:

  • Link EffectsTRENDING – Create stylish and attractive links with various hover effects.
  • Card Slider – Display featured posts, announcements, latest posts, custom content etc.
  • Advanced Menu – Add impressive Off Canvas & Full Screen overlay menus on your website.

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CrocoBlock Elementor Add-ons

crocoblocks addon elementor addons

This Elementor addon is probably one of the biggest addon in this list, as CrocoBlock is also a collection of different WordPress plugins that all work together with Elementor. Other than numerous helpful plugins, it also unlocks access to the Kava Pro Theme, which is designed to work well with any Elementor website.

Notable addons:

  • Satellite – Appoint a Satellite Element to any widget and showcase it either as an image or text, that’s layered below to embellish your page’s layout.
  • Inline SVGTRENDING – Use SVG format for logos, background images, buttons, maps, diagrams, and pictures. The most important advantage of this format is its performance on different displays.
  • Single Tabs – Display a full description of the product, additional information about it and reviews of the loyal customers in the form of intuitive and well-structured tabs.

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Unlimited Elements for Elementor

unlimited elements addon elementor addon

Currently having a decent 10,000+ active installations on the WordPress repository, this Elementor addon offers 100+ free Elementor widgets for you to use on your website. If 100+ free widgets are not enough for you, you can upgrade to the Pro version of Unlimited Elementors for Elementor, which multiplies it seven times totaling 700+ unique widgets.

Notable addons:

  • Widget Creator FrameworkTRENDING – In case you didn’t find your desired widget, you can add your own.
  • Google Charts – Create real-time embedded charts on your website with Google.
  • Statistics – Display animated counters without coding them through Javascript.
  • Timelines – Modern looking ticket-like timelines resembling those on social media sites.

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Ultimate Addons for Elementor

ultimate-addons elementor addon

Created by Brainstorm Force, the people behind the Astra WordPress Theme, Ultimate Addons add 22+ new and highly useful Elementor widgets that you might want to check out. You can get a preview of these widgets by clicking on the Elementor widgets option. This Elementor addon also has form stylers for Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and WooCommerce.

Notable addons:

  • Particle BackgroundsTRENDING – Add interactive row and column backgrounds with animated particles moving around using the Particle Background of the Ultimate Addons.
  • Modal Popup – Create intuitive modal popups that contain conversion-oriented messages. You can show them up with various animations on the click of a button, image, text, etc.
  • Timeline – Display timeline charts or roadmaps with the Timeline widget of the Ultimate Addons for Elementor. With various customizations and design options you can create timelines.

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Smart Slider 3

smart-slider 3 elementor addon

Not only Smart Slider 3 supported by the major page builders like Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Page Builder by SiteOrigin, Visual Composer, Gutenberg, it also has 500,000+ active installations from the WordPress directory. As the name might probably suggest, most of this Elementod addon’s features are about sliders, which is really useful for creating modern and good looking websites.

Notable Addons:

  • Live TimelineTRENDING – It can be used to adjust the duration and delay of the already added animation, or to add new animations.
  • Layer animation – Impressive 2D and 3D animations look nice and professional on your site. Just be sure you choose them carefully.
  • NextGEN Gallery – With this dynamic slide generator you can show the contents of your NextGEN Gallery images.

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The Plus Addons

the-plus-addon elementor addon

The Plus Addons extendsElementor’s widgets with 50+ new more, 18+ page templates and 300+ block templates. Like the other addons on this list, this Elementor addon is really packed with content, and don’t really focus on just adding widgets, but other functionalities catered on making your website look better.

Notable Addons:

  • Advanced Text Block – Add your most important text content with maximum possible options. It has all cosmetic, typographic and Responsive options as per regular needs.
  • Parallax Background – Sensational piece of code to create premium, layer-based and uniquely advanced Section Backgrounds in WordPress using Elementor.
  • Dynamic DevicesTRENDING – Love showcasing content inside beautiful laptops, Desktops, Mobiles and Browser Screens? This element is for you.
  • Creative ImagesTRENDING – Change the way you put images on websites, Show It with great details effects and animation based on hover/scroll in WordPress using Elementor.

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Essential Addons for Elementor

essential addons elementor addons

This Elementor addon really makes up their name. Currently having 29+ widgets on the Free version, and 29+ more on the Pro, the 300,000 people that currently installed it (based on the WordPress download page) already tell how useful this plugin would be. It’s very very fast, smooth, completely customizable and also offers 100+ premade blocks!

Notable addons

  • Caldera Forms – Completely customizable and you can control any styling. You can design the form container, fields for normal and focus state, error messages and everything!
  • Content Ticker – Fast animated ticker for Dynamic and custom content.
  • Interactive CardsTRENDING – A new concept of showing content on your web page with a more interactive way.

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Piotnet Addons for Elementor (PAFE)

piotnet addons elementor addon

Probably the most least-known entry in this article, Piotnet Addons for Elementor focuses on extending Elementor itself in terms of functionality, not just adding widgets and other features. Some of its additions also include form builder features and some widgets as well. It’s not as popular as the other addons, currently having only 3,000 active installations on the WordPress directory, but we certainly find it useful at times.

Notable addons:

  • Gradient Text & ButtonTRENDING – You can set gradient for Heading, Button, Button Submit Form.
  • Conditional Visibility – You can add multi conditional visibility (show/hide) for any widget, any section by User Level, Custom Field, URL Parameter, URL Contains.
  • Ajax Live Search – Add Ajax Live Search Function ( Post or Custom Post Type ) to Elementor Search Form Widget.

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WaaS Pro

waas pro elementor addon

This addon adds unique features on Elementor, such as Rebrand and Control features which allow rebrand Elementor with your own company name and logo, with all backend & front end references will be removed. It’s not exclusive to Elementor, supporting other plugins and tools as well. If you’re a white labeling agency using Elementor, you might want to consider this tool.

Notable addons:

  • Rebrand/ControlTRENDING – Solution for Pro Developers who need a simple, user-friendly page builder with a look and feel that matches their brand.
  • Live EditorTRENDING – Make it easy for customers to edit their websites.
  • Content EditorTRENDING – Enables your customers to customize their website without fear of breaking their site or having to learn to use a complex page builder.

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LiveMesh Addons

livemesh addon elementor addons

A freemium addon for Elementor that comes with 13+ new widgets on the free version and new heading style options that you can use. The pro version adds 13+ more widgets that give further advanced features like Lazy loading or AJAX pagination.

Notable addons:

  • Lazy LoadTRENDING – The portfolio/post grid and image gallery addons incorporate option to lazy load posts/images with the click of a Load More button.
  • Pagination – Create a grid of posts or custom post types with AJAX based pagination support.
  • Custom Animations – Choose from over 40+ animations for most addon elements (excludes sliders, carousels and grid). The animations display on user scrolling to the element or when the element becomes visible in the browser window.
  • Sample Data – Sample data that you can import into your site to get started quickly on the addons and some sample layouts.

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Dynamic Content for Elementor

DynamicContentForElementor (1)

Dynamic OOO is designed to manage Dynamic Content and Users for you so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This Elementor addon supports custom post type, meta fields, taxonomies, media file and users such as Elementor Pro, ACF Free & ACF PRO, WooCommerce, WPML, Pods, and Toolset.

Notable addons:

  • Animated TextTRENDING – Allows you to create captivating animated text sequences. You can choose among 8 different types of incoming and outcoming animation and set parameters as speed, amount, delay, easing and equation.
  • WebGL Images Distortions Hover – The Images Distortion Hover widget allows you to add special roll-over effects based on webgl, threejs and transformation shaders.
  • Global Settings Smooth Transition – The Smooth Transition widget allows you to manage the animated transition between pages in a gentle way. Your creating a transition effect will improve the user experience.

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Thanks for making this far! 🙂

These are some of the most popular Elementor addons that you can try. They are user-friendly and provide options to adjust just about any element and aspect of your page. Feel free to give them a try and see for yourself. Good luck on your page building!

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