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12+ Newest Elementor Plugins with Awesome Updates this 2020

12+ Newest Elementor Plugins with Awesome Updates this 2020

Elementor is truly one of the most popular WordPress Page Builder that provides excellent web design and user experience to people. With its drag and drop feature, everyone can build incredible websites in just a few minutes.

We can never fully-fulfilled everyone’s standards, and even though Elementor has a lot of amazing features to offer, there’s still something needed to fulfill a specific desire. It is is also one of the reasons why developers form third-party applications decided to extend the power of Elementor using their plugins and addons.

In this post, we have gathered 10+ of the best Elementor addons, which can help you develop and design your site. So, let’s begin and find out which is best for you!


Unlimited Elements

With its 800+ easy-to-use & creative widgets, you can now render your next project more. Unlimited Elements is a library of unique Elementor Widgets that add more functionality and flexibility to Elementor website.

Another great thing about Unlimited Elements is that it allows you to create widgets fits for your needs, no restrictions, and you can most probably be built if you need a widget for any specific function. Unlimited Elements also publish new widgets several times a week.

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Widgets Options

Widget Options adds elegant and functional tabbed options under each widget to fully manage and control the visibility and appearance of each widget.

Easily manage visibility for either logged-in or logged-out users. Show or hide any WordPress widgets, Beaver Builder modules, and Elementor widgets using ACF field & conditions like Equal, Equal To, Not Equal To, Contains, Does Not Contain, Is Empty, Is Not Empty.

You can easily allocate the visibility of pages and limit different pages, posts, custom post types, categories, tags, and custom taxonomies using the Widget Options plugin.

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JetElements is a brand new Elementor Builder addon. It offers the collection of modules to create a variety of content, adds custom modules to your site, and applies multiple clicks of attractive styles. You will be surprised how easy it is to work with JetElements! They created the plugin to use it for everyone, so it absorbed all vast knowledge of creating high-quality websites.

JetElements is a useful and quite extensive plugin for Elementor, which helps to add essential and attractive elements to the content of the website. JetElements plugin allows you to access 42 easy-to-use widgets to create different content types and display information on your website cleverly and conveniently.

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Ultimate Addons for Elementor

You get a huge collection of creative Elementor widgets that support all your design needs with various customizations and combinations to build a beautiful and intuitive website using Ultimate Addons.

Simple to use interface and creative widgets can let anyone create designs without coding, and all widgets and designs created using Ultimate Addons are fully responsive. The Ultimate Addons features many unique controls that are easy to customize, react, and more. It gives you full freedom to put Elementor to a new level.

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Powerpack Addons for Elementor

PowerPack Addons has a growing collection of innovative widgets that carry your designs to life. We understand the form of WordPress features users need to build a perfect website. You don’t need to think about writing custom codes anymore, with Powerpack Addons, you can now solve problems and help you do more in less time.

With PowerPack Addons, all Elementor widgets come with the well-thought-out interface and styling choices. Such options make innovative layouts simple for you, without thinking about custom code. Ultimate Addons for Elementor are a great saver and help to web developers who love Elementor. Submit this powerful tool to your audience that helps improve their favorite website pages.

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Element Pack

With its abundant elements in the pack to build impressive top-notch components, Elementor pack is another great Elementor Addons Collection perfect for creating pages on your website. It has a lovely collection of both top-class and most commonly used widgets. It is the ultimate essential addons for Elementor with almost 20 of the most popular elements that you need for building a website.

Advanced and super flexible controls and essential addons are added to the all-new Element Pack Pro. Element Pack Pro Element Pack Pro has 113 + pages, 160 + headers and footers ready, and more than 1000 ready-made blocks. With such pages and blocks, you can start your design and build an awesome website so fast.

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Press Elements

We all enjoy intuitive, easy to use, and visually attractive website. But then, it must have to use the right tools to create stunning websites. The simplicity of Elementor can be combined with the efficiency of the built-in WordPress theme components with Press Elements. This plugin adds powerful Elementor widgets designed for professionals from WordPress.

Whether you are a designer who wants to make an excellent web design, a developer who wants to replace the theme functions with simple Elementor drag-and-drop controls, this plugin will truly help you create website.

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Livemesh Addon for Elementor

One of the most common addons for Elementor Page Builder, Livemesh Addons for Elementor features an enormous premium set with a simple to use but highly functional widgets that can be used for building Elementor website.

This plugin includes all widgets you need to build a professional website without changing to the topic of premium–services, team profiles, counters, bar charts, charts, client testimonials, portfolio/post grids, billboards, price plans, and much more on PRO version. With a couple of clicks, all the addons that will make your free subject premium one. You can drag and drop into your page using this plugin, using Elementor or any Premium Builder Component you need.

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NavMenu Addons for Elementor

Custom WordPress navmenu specifically designed for the Elementor Page Builder with Site Branding options, search box, basic MegaMenu and Fullscreen Menu Overlay. As the name indicates, it will simply drag and drop a couple of widgets to style and customize your menu over the Elementor interface. It is important to note that the tool does not create a new menu, but adds a unique style to your WordPress dashboard.

When using NavMenu Addon, you can also add branding options and a search box to three menu options – default menu, mega menu, and overlay. In a full-screen, lightbox-like window, the overlay menu.

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Elements Kit

Elements Kit is probably the all in one addon for Elementor Page Builder. It includes the most comprehensive packages such as the header-footer constructor, a super builder design pack, and more. It has 40 widgets that can help you improve or quickly build any pages on your website. Also, it has some unique and highly poweful custom controls for Elementor.

Aside from 40 widgets, Elements Kit also comes with 250+ readymade blocks. Each widget has huge options to customize to control every widget that can be changed following your needs.

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Void themes – Contact Form

This plugin adds a new Elementor Page Builder element/widget that can easily drag and drop contact form 7 from a list drop-down.

Using this plugin, you don’t need to use contact form 7, copy the shortcode and add it to the elementor shortcode widget — now you can only drag and drag the widget into the Elementor Page Builder and choose the contact form you want. You can also customize it and add a custom page to redirect when it is submitted. Another feature is that on the same page you can have multiple forms of the same contact form 7 with different rules and layouts. It is just a simple yet incredible plugin that could change the way of your contact page.

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Elementor Addons Elements

Add many more useful and quality widgets to Elementor Page Builder. The 19 widgets and elements on Elementor Addon Elements will surely improve every page on your website.

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Sizzify – Elementor Addons & Templates

You can now enhance your page building experience with these custom plugins and template.

Sizzify gives you 20 + customized page templates which can be imported with a couple of clicks into your design. Plus, these templates are working in all WordPress themes. Sizzify also has custom widgets to display information such as categories of products, best sales, featured products and more from WooCommerce. All the widgets to choose from will be available to you; either you like to add a price table on your page or even support list and blog post grids. After installing the plugin, there is no need to configure it. All works out the box and blends into the user interface of Elementor page builder.

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Tortoise It

Tortoise It is a collection of plugins that may possibly be needed for website building. There are a lot of elements to choose from — plugins for contact forms, logo, sliders and more. Also, Tortoise It has plugins for different page builders on WordPress.

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Nomogo – Elementor Extras Addon

You can find extensions along with the powerful Elementor add-ons that change your way of creating websites and fit in with the current element controls — it is all on Elementor Extras Addons.

The Elementor Extras Addons provide new widgets and extensions that are as unique and useful in all websites made with Elementor. No pre-styled widgets to leave you feeling constrained. With 28 widgets and 5 extensions, it is now exciting to create new and beautiful websites.

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Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks

You can flexibly design cool sections with the Elementor Page Builder. It can also be used to create out of the box layout from headers up to the footer part of the website.

Elementor-Header & Footer is a simple yet powerful plugin to construct an Elementor layout and set it as Header, Footer or any block on your website. If you want to display a custom header only on the homepage, blog archive page, or even on the entire page of your website, this plugin allows you to choose a specific page and location to display the header and footer. Aside from headers and footers, you can also design section with Elementor using this plugin and set it with a shortcode anywhere on the website.

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Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration

The Hotel Booking & Elementor integration plugin will significantly speed up the editing process of your property website for non-technology professionals.

This Hotel Booking plugin is best used for property managing and home or room services website. Use it to list unlimited lodging and accommodation services, accept direct online bookings and pay no fee, sync all reserving throughout OTAs. This plugin is ideally suited for running any enterprise, no matter what size, function or cost: hotel accommodation, vacation room rentals, apartments, inn and more.

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Pin It Button – Pinterest Plugin

This plugin adds a smart widget to Elementor. It allows you to displays thumbnails from your latest Pinterest pins and can even customize the link text below the pins and choose whether to open the links in a new window.

PI Button is a feature-rich FREE Pinterest Plugin for WordPress. In just 1 minute setup, you can pin it button on the image and put the following Pinterest button on the website. There’s also a pinboard widget, Pinterest profile widget and a widget for Latest pins feed.

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Twitter Card Meta – WPDeveloper

Increase your Twitter visibility & Brand value, and it has per post image selection, description, provide an automatic setup for existing and future post. Enhance your visibility of the post and increase your social presence. No mark-up worries, selection and description of images per post. Get your Twitter Card application for automated approval.

You can quickly implement your Twitter cards on your WordPress website using the Twitter Meta Card plugin. When the plugin is enabled, an options page is created inside your WordPress dashboard. You can access it through the admin menu of Twitter Card Meta plugin. This plugin also allows you to add your blog description, photo, app, product cards etc. This plugin will enable you to increase the visibility of your Twitter profile and to increase the traffic to the site.

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Twitter Card Meta – WPDeveloper

This plugin adds a new element or widget to Elementor Page Builder to showcase blog posts in 5 different styles, custom post type and custom taxonomy.

Void Elementor Post Grid Addon for Elementor, you can now display everything you create as a custom post type not only by wordpress. It also adds a new element/widget to Elementor Page Builder, which helps you to showcase your blog posts, custom post type with custom taxonomy in five different styles.

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