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14 Reasons to Use Elementor Page Builder

14 Reasons to Use Elementor Page Builder

Creating a winning website can be quite challenging. Even the best website developers know how painstaking the process is – building the site page by page, keeping in mind several factors such as aesthetics, functionality, and the unique needs of the audience and visitors.

While some website-building platforms such as WordPress make the process a lot simpler and easier, there are still limitations that hinder a more streamlined and faster building. In other words, creators and developers still have to deal with the time-consuming and often inconvenient process.

Elementor LogoGood thing, there is a new drag-and-drop plug-in that allows you to painlessly and effectively build these elements according to your needs and liking. I’m talking about Elementor Page Builder. This wonderful plug-in takes the concept of website building to a whole new level, allowing you to choose from an impressive range of predesigned blocks or, for the more discriminating website builder, make one from scratch.

Let’s look deeper into the many awesome features of Elementor Page Builder and find out why more and more website designers are opting for it. Here are 14 of the reasons to use Elementor page builder.



Elementor lets you control its features and options with ease, giving you a smooth website building experience.

You don’t have to have any skills or background in HTML, PHP, Javascript or CSS to do the job. Thanks to its handy user interface, you can easily figure out how to build your site page by page without getting lost in the process or getting frustrated with codes.

User-Friendly by Elementor Resources

It is very functional and easy to grasp; once you get the hang of it, you’ll be on your way to creating awesome, expensive-looking website.

You can even save your design as a new template, apply it to other pages later, or perhaps share it to fellow designers.


Excellent, Functional Widgets

You get highly useful content widgets (also known as blocks) that are customized to function in the live page builder. What’s more is you only have to drag and drop them to the page you are building.

Excellent, Functional Widgets in Elementor

These widgets include headlines, text, images, videos, galleries, testimonials, carousels, and many more. Other key elements you can easily control using the drag-and-drop functionality include buttons, social media icons, dividers, and spacers.

You can freely place and rearrange them as you wish.


Third-Party Widget-Compatible

Other popular builders offer a limited number of built-in widget and elements. That’s not the case with Elementor, which is compatible with other third-party widgets you may wish to integrate in your page design. This allows for a more well-rounded and complete website to provide your visitors a positive online experience.

Third Party Widget Compatibility by Elementor Resources


Real-time Preview

It is frustrating that you only get to see how your page looks like only when you publish it. It’s like painting on a canvas blind-folded. That’s not the case with Elementor, which is equipped with what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor.

Time Preview by Elementor Resources

It works on the front-end, which means you get instant results as you build a page step by step. It gives you live preview unlike some themes and builders.


Limitless Design

There are virtually endless possibilities design-wise – from changing the column gaps to changing the text fonts and overlay of button colors.

Limitless Design in Elementor

All you need to do is explore. Elementor boasts of over 400 customizable icons, over 800 Google fonts, to boost your website’s visual appeal. That’s on top of the incredible line of color palettes, borders, and backgrounds to choose from.


Impressive Premade Templates

Another great thing about Elementor Page Builder is you have an impressive array of templates at your fingertips. There are hundreds of templates and elements to choose from. You can check our collection of Elementor templates here.

This makes it perfect for builders and designers (and newbies) who don’t want to start from scratch or are facing time constraints.

Pre Made Template by Elementor Resources

All you need to do is choose a stylish template and tweak it until your design buds are satisfied.

Each beautifully crafted template is not only ready to use but also unique; it can spark an idea that will make an outstanding website design.


Better Control

The plug-in also gives you better control over the sections of your website. This simply translates to a website customized to your own content requirements and style preferences, a website that is different from the simple and generic-looking one out there.

Better Control by Elementor Resources

You can resize and reposition columns, arrange content, set the padding and margin in a breeze.


Mobile Editing

We all know the horrors of a poorly designed website with a heading that appears awkwardly huge on a mobile phone screen. Elementor has features that let you cater to audiences that use devices other than desktop computers or laptops.

Mobile Editing by Elementor Resources

This is especially useful today when more and more people are going mobile with their online needs. With Elementor, you can smart-scale your website, making it accessible through and its content compatible with desktop, tablet, or smartphone viewing.

Thanks to the preview feature that shows how your page looks in different viewing/browsing platforms.


Full Revision History

The Undo and Redo commands surely are very useful in creating a website – knowing it can be quite a complex process. Many page building solutions, however, have limitations when it comes to revising your design.

Full Revision History in Elementor

That’s not true with Elementor. It has a built-in revision history, on top of the very handy Undo and Redo commands. This means you get a log for every single action and save that you make along the way.

Just click on the history icon and you can access the panel that includes all your actions and revisions. In case you wish to go back to the earlier versions of your page, easy-peasy!


Perfect for Landing Pages

Elementor is also perfect for creating highly effective landing pages. You know how important these pages are especially in a business website or blog. The plug-in allows you to craft a visually appealing landing page, with opt-in forms or a nice product display.

Perfect For landing Pages by Elementor Resources


No Shortcodes

Just in case you wish to stop using this page builder, your website will still run clean code.
Yes, there is no shortcode lock-in such as in the case of other popular builders like Divi and Visual Composer. But seriously though, there’s no reason to abandon this wonderful WordPress plug-in, in the first place.


Active Community

Another great thing about using Elementor is you are not alone. Due to the growing popularity of the plug-in, there is a growing community of users, designers, and developers to connect to. Facebook groups offer a way to communicate with other users, showcase your designs, and even access tutorials, blogs, and other helpful resources.

Active Community by Elementor Resources

You have not just an incredibly extensive plug-in, but also a solid community to back you up if you need help, advice, suggestions, and ideas as you build awesome, winning websites.

Here are some Elementor Facebook Groups:



As Elementor serves as a one-stop, all-around shop for all your website building and designing needs, you can save more time and effort.

Time-Saver in Elementor

With its ready-to-use templates, WYSIWYG editor, and drag-and-drop functionality, you can build a page, or perhaps an entire website, in just one sitting. If HTML takes, let’s say a week, and WordPress takes a day or two, Elementors lets you do the same job in hours!



Of course, there’s a Pro edition. But truth be told, the free version can be the only tool you need in creating a winning WordPress website. You can download it on the official WordPress repository.

Free to use Elementor

No need to worry about hidden cost, signup, or registration, whatsoever. It is 100% free and eadache-free. While Elementor’s Pro edition, which costs $49 (1 site), $99 (3 sites), and $199 (unlimited sites), offers a more promising array of features and functionalities, it’s not something every website designer needs.

Let’s wrap it up!

Elementor is a highly useful page builder plug-in. It gives you an impressive selection to templates, WYSIWYG editor, and user-friendly features – all for free. What you get in the end of an easy and enjoyable building experience is a website with class and function that will make a visitor stay for a while, browse through your content, and perhaps make a purchase.

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    I have been using Elementor for some time now. Definitely a great page builder. The best part is its Ease of use feature and i shall give it 10 on 10 when I compare with Divi or Beaver. Visual Editing options are great!

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