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15+ Free Elementor Landing Page Templates for 2020

15+ Free Elementor Landing Page Templates for 2020

Simply put in the world of digital marketing, a landing page can be any web page created and designed specifically to attain the goal of a certain marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a user “lands” once they click on the button or links in an email, or advertisements from Google, Facebook or similar places on the web.

However, differentiating from typical web pages, which mostly encourages exploration and different goals in mind, landing pages have one goal: to get the visitor click the “call to action” or CTAs, and become eventually converted.

Designing landing pages can be a troublesome job, and even getting an effective design is even tougher. So, in this article, we’ve collected 15+ of the most effective landing page templates for Elementor that definitely suite the essential landing page design strategies that your business needs!



ebook landing page template

This ebook landing page for Elementor certainly fits our above definition of a landing page. The text section for copywriting and pitching your product is very clean and neat, without any unnecessary distractions. Font sizes and properties are also well designed, allowing the visitor to read the necessary details easily. The rest of the sections contain these design strategies as well. 

Our Opinion:

This free elementor landing page template is definitely not only for ebook or related products since the design strategies it uses can be applied as a general principle.

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In my 10+ years of web development and design experience, what I can say the least is that travel landing page designs tend to be very visual in nature. Well, of course they would be visual, they’re websites. What I mean visual is the high relative use of photographs and images.

Like on this ocean landing page, you’d immediately notice the high quality background image on the head section. Another thing is that these photos also tend to have a common color scheme.

Such as in the case of this landing page, they were all blue, inducing some kind of uniform color fluidity.

Our Opinion:

This elementor landing page template may work only on websites or businesses with similar nature. However, if modified and used properly, I’m also considering it can be used on a lot website types as well.

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Some businesses do prefer that “dark theme” or design (and we do have other dark landing pages below), so it isn’t a surprise that this free landing page template is like that. The thing about darker themes is first, they’re mostly mobile focused, since the “bright” parts show a bit more. If design isn’t the purpose, using a dark theme may also benefit the overall concept of the site, such as this one with the metallurgy and steel processing theme.

Our Opinion:

This free elementor template may work only on similar industries, such as metallurgy, steel processing and other metal related businesses.

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The design advantage of using “rounded” corners is that it makes everything look smooth and clean. As what we can observe on the free elementor landing page template for digital agencies, the objective is clear: introduce the visitor to the agency in a clean and neat manner. Note that the rounded corners were not only done on images, but even on the graphics, such as the banner photo, which certainly makes the design flow coherently throughout.

Our Opinion:

I’d say the free elementor landing template can also be used not only for agencies, but as well as for products or standalone services

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Although most of the time the user intent of a hotel website visitor are a bit higher that other types of websites, creating the right landing page is still a huge plus, especially if you’re dealing with a ton of competitors. This free elementor landing page right here definitely does it’s job. On the surface, it may look as a regular home page, but certain features of it make it an effective landing page as well.

Our opinion:

Excellent free landing page template especially for related startup businesses. For larger and mature ones though, I’d suggest looking for better options.

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What I like the most out of this free elementor landing page template is its sheer elegance. Not only it also uses the dark design I’ve talked about above, it also gives very interesting uses of background images and sections. Simply put, the section from the screenshot above is basically applied to the entire page, producing that elegant design that flows with the visitors conception of the website.

Our Opinion:

I must say this doesn’t necessarily need to be a landing page but can be a good home page template as well.

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Unlike the previews free landing page templates in this article, this one is a bit minimalistic and simple in design. However, this isn’t necessarily a negative aspect to say the least. This gives the visitor more space to focus on the desired CTA. Like for this landing page, the goal for the visitor is clearly displayed, and with the help of an excellent and pleasing looking image, conversion should be higher the average.

Our Opinion:

If you’re looking for a more standard landing page design, this elementor template certainly worth a try.

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Digital art, similar to photography, can be a powerful impact on a landing page design. Since the message you want to portray to the visitor is a lot more controllable with digital art, unlike in the case of photographs were literalism is a bit higher, you can design the art to target that specific theme or topic. You can immediately see the impact of this digital art in action.

Our opinion:

This free elementor template certainly fits an agency or company website with orientation on infographics and other digital art in portraying their products and services.

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Using a color scheme that fits your business is one of the major keys to making a successful CRO-focused website. Think about Google, if you notice, they use white a lot. Try Microsoft, you’d see a lot more blue. Try Netflix, you can see more red. This “power over color” thing is all over the place. On this free landing page template, they used a bright pink color that definitely fits the fashion category.

Our Opinion:

This free elementor landing page template is a bit more vibrant and artsy, but if you’re rooting on that direction, I’d say this template can be worth the try!

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Similar to the hotel landing page template above, web pages about events or conferences have higher benchmark conversion rates since the visitor is probably aiming to attend and join the event in the first place. However, this isn’t always the case across all channels. Now, let’s say you’ve just done a massive email or social media campaign and now they’re all aimed to land on this landing page. The visitor should immediately a “preview” of the event, which was done properly on this landing page.

Our Opinion:

Definitely a high-quality and free elementor landing page for hosting events, meet-ups and conferences!

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You can also see my points from the hotel and agency landing pages above on this free elementor landing page here. Relying on the proper use of stunning images, there are a lot of sections that would definitely convert visitors. The colors and fonts also match the backgrounds, which usually don’t fit well.

Our Opinion:

This free elementor landing page can certainly be used not only for a similar business but for hotels, resorts and travel agencies as well.

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Real Estate


Also taking the minimalistic but artistic route, this free elementor landing page template definitely differentiates itself from your typical real-state website look. The use of cartoonish fonts and art gives off that “family-friendly” vibe, and thus surely fits its category.

Our Opinion:

Only recommendable if you’re aiming for simple website feels. Nevertheless, too simple.

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Another category of business that would really take advantage of high-quality images is the food industry, such as portfolios of chefs, restaurants and even some food-oriented hotels. For this free elementor landing page template, what stood out the most is the excellent banner and the font styles used. The choice of using dark maroon color contrasting with the pale backgrounds fits very well.

Our Opinion:

Definitely a top-class elementor landing page template! Can be recycled for other related businesses such as restaurants and stores.

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Somewhat related to the hotel and similar businesses, this free elementor landing page template uses a much different but nevertheless familiar landing page strategy. Like our previous landing page templates, the use of high-quality images can be noted. However, images are a lot more oriented towards digital art. Text sections, on the other hand, is a bit larger and straight to the point, hinting that the expected audience would have lower risks in terms of conversion.

Our Opinion:

It definitely fits well the type of business it caters to. Highly suggested if you’re doing a website with similar themes.

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And of course, we wouldn’t want to miss our very own elementor landing page template. It may not be free, but the design can surely give interesting insights into creating high-quality landing pages. Our designer for this template was inspired by various Instagram accounts centered around travel, hence the use of triangle-shaped images. The text sections tend to have variety too, with button texts in uppercase.

Our Opinion:

Certainly a worth it elementor landing page template for its cost!!

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Thanks for Reaching This Far! 🙂

I hope we were able to help you with this tutorial! You can also try to install the Elementor Pro Version and get access to more Elementor templates for free!

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If you have more concerns or have encountered other issues, let us know in the comments section!

Kenoma Versoza

Kenoma is the project lead for WpBuilt and back when it was still ElementorResources. He was responsible for all SEO strategy and implementation and contributed a significant number of pages on the site.

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