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20+ Best Divi Landing Pages for 2020

20+ Best Divi Landing Pages for 2020

Landing pages are some of the website’s most important pages. They provide your visitors with the information to decide about your business and direct them to call for your action. Divi Page Builder has many great landing page layouts to help you get started with the next landing page.

Listed below are some of the best landing pages made with Divi Page Builder for 2020.


Travelers PhD

The Travelers PhD landing page is perfect for community-related websites. With this, members can join an active community, be invited to an exclusive event, receive credentials for LinkedIn, and have access to any travel information.

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Coming Soon Pack

This landing page and layout package for Divi includes five previously made templates for upcoming, maintenance, and building pages. These layouts can be used with Divi Life’s free Coming Soon plugin, which enables you to assign Divi Builder layouts to your next Coming Soon page.

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Saas Landing

This single landing page template is available to download as a free Divi Layout. The animations on this page are created with CSS, with integrated Divi Builder configurations and options for the rest of the design.

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Risk Management Landing Page

This Divi landing and layout package is designed for a risk management website. This package comes with 8 page templates, which has been released by Elegant Themes. In addition to all the free layouts, you will also find several picture masks that will give your website a unique vibe.

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Laundry Service Landing Page

This landing page and layout package comes with 7 Divi templates that include home page landing templates, about page, programs, blogs, and contact pages and have been designed for a washroom or laundry businesses.It offers you the opportunity to create a fun and enjoyable professional website for laundry services. The color Palette is impressive, and Divi’s integrated options creatively permitted the establishment of several different sections.

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Driving School Landing Page

Would you like to take a new layout pack for the driving school? The layout package makes it easier than ever to create amazing driving school Websites. It does not only contain a free high-quality image but combines a vibrant color palette with some of Divi’s most unique built-in design settings.

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Notary Service Landing Page

The illustrations of this landing page and layout package, in combination with the built-in options from Divi make this package unique and fun to use for the development of notary-related websites. These illustrations are sufficiently specific to create a custom notary public website but are generic to use for other business websites.

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Hosting Landing Page

The personalized graphics and icons represent an incredible design feature that provides useful pictures to host services. The creative, yet enjoyable wave background pictures spin on sectional dividers in the whole design. The price page is surprisingly rich in content and unique design touches.

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Language School Landing Page

This landing page and layout package for schools will be a powerful tool for anyone who creates an online language course and even a website for schools. Each page contains valuable sections for information about courses and promotions. The images and graphics make the pages truly unique and add a wide selection of harmonious colors.

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Insurance Landing Page

The Language School layout pack is going to be a powerful asset for anyone building an online language course. Each page is packed with valuable sections for presenting course information and promotions. The images and graphics throughout really make the pages unique and add a broad range of harmonious colors. And the courses page is a valuable addition to feature your course offerings.

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Makeup Artist

Be ready with the new Makeup Artist Layout Pack to build beautiful websites. This package is ideal for all types of websites of beauty, health or skin care. Its modern design, multiple layouts and high-quality images make it easy to attract new customers in no time.

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Garden Center

The header design of this divi landing page layout is quite unique because it blocks the content . And in the way they bring freshness into the design the background images are simply beautiful. In each layout, the box shadows are used to display different degrees of depth that give life to the design. Buttons are stacked nice and smoothly against the blocks that work well for this design in some cases. The shop page also offers a marvelous design bonus with lovely CTA and features.

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Business Coach

The Business Coach landing page package includes a well-developed page for events to present the forthcoming workshops or speeches and information about your history and books. And the design has a consistent business feeling that visitors must respect and appreciate with some modern “broken grid” element.

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IT Services

The IT Services Layout Pack will undoubtedly meet your expectations if you want to create a professional IT services website. You can set up your website in no time using seven unique layouts, amazing icons, and advanced built-in settings. This layout package focuses mainly on enjoyable user experience and emphasizes your services consistently and easily understandable.

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Graphic Design

There is no better way to build a website for graphic illustrators than by creative and professional use of illustration throughout your site. This Graphic Illustrator Layout Pack is precisely what this does. With 7 clean layouts available, your website is ready to work in no time to persuade visitors of their skills and expertise.

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The unique characteristics of this layout will certainly be appreciated. The custom graphics and icons are impressive and provide your design toolbox with valuable assets. Lines are unique in their subtle use as background images. All of the modules have a warm subtle light to distinguish them. The email subscription form on the landing page demonstrates this best. And I particularly enjoy using the lines on the top to split the content into a user’s page.

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Digital Marketing

The digital marketing layout package contains 8 different and unique layouts, which will immediately catch the attention of your visitors. Your website will feel contemporary and trendy using vibrating colors and Abstract shapes. This landing page and layout package is perfect for sharing clear and readable content with lovely web design.

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The layout pack of this Job Recruiter is impressive. You will immediately notice the modern use of large typography to increase the design of headers and sections. The individual graphics are both beautiful and informative. A striking and perfect blue and green color combo to call for action. It is clear and creative how the steps can be shown at the applicant page and the employer page. The graphic and typographic designs are superbly positioned in every page section, and content organization is extremely useful.

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Digital Payments

The digital payment layout package provides all the pages needed to establish and operate an online digital payment company quickly. Some of the key pages contain a login page that works as well as a login page. And the Features page provides an outstanding framework to display all the features of the product. The various elements on these pages would be easy to use to add more content. The contact page map is also unique and perfectly suits the design theme. This layout pack I know you’re going to enjoy.

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The design of this Architecture layout pack perfectly represents your architecture company. The combination of sobriety, mystery, and elegance is seamless in style. The highly professional and visually appealing website of your architecture company will run on and run in no time with free high-quality images within reach.

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