20+ Best Examples of Websites Built with Elementor for 2021 [UPDATED] 1350476922971705723
20+ Best Examples of Websites Built with Elementor for 2021

20+ Best Examples of Websites Built with Elementor for 2021

We currently have a list of 12,449 Elementor Websites that we’re still analyzing, but based on our data, there are about 630,000 websites built from Elementor. So, indeed Elementor is a really influential page builder, probably due to its user-friendliness and how it encourages creativity and freedom to its users.

For this post, we select the best Elementor website examples we have from our directory of 1,300+ Elementor websites.

Anyway, enough talk! Let’s now begin our 20 Best Examples of Websites Built with Elementor for 2020!

Note: The following list does not follow a ranking order. Number one is not better to number 20, and vice versa. It’s only numbered for listing purposes.

20. Escapebox

Competitive e-commerce website elementor template this 2019Escapebox used a lot of artistic designs and interesting layouts that really suites well with their content. The hero banner video is a nice touch for immediately enlightening any wandering visitor. I especially love their custom art for their Services section, it also matches really well with the overall theme. Overall, Escapebox Gamification is definitely a quality designed Elementor website!

19. Science App | Design House

cupcake website elementor template this 2019

The next entry on our best elementor websites list is Space App.

Space App is the website of the company of the same name, which develops and manufactures Cube Satellites and Hybrid Aerial Vehicles.

Although only a one-page site, the design for this is truly stunning. Since there’s no header, the banner is composed of the company’s service line, and logo, with a parallax background of a satellite in Near-Earth Orbit. The Applications section is neat, containing white text that contrasts well with the dark background. There’s also an art of segmented satellite technology that I personally find neat.

The About Us section is what truly stunned me. Containing only a brief and concise description of the company, almost the entirety of the About Us section is visual; a static background image of the Earth and a gallery of five clickable images of satellites in near-Earth Orbit with visually appealing hover animations.

Finally, the Contact section is simple and compact, containing the company’s contact information, address and a contact form for immediate subscription.

Overall, Space App’s design is exceptionally intuitive, taking advantage of visually attractive animation effects and page structure.


photography and blog website landing page elementor template this 2019

MAISQ is a company located in Santa Catarina that offers architecture, interior, and exterior design. On the navigation bar, a hamburger menu can be seen at the right side of the page, when clicked a drop-down menu will appear. The site will welcome you with a full-width photo banner. Each section is partitioned with a unique divider.

Each section has numbers and section names. Contents of the Portfolio section are divided into four columns and can be sorted by their categories. Photos of the Media and Providers section are placed in a sliding banner.

The color scheme of the site is Light Sea Green and Dark Slate Gray that blends well together. The Light Sea Green font color blends well with the Dark Slate Gray background. Texts are still clear to read. This is a one-pager site where links from the menu direct you to each section of the site. MAISQ definitely deserves a spot in our best elementor websites list!

17. Steel Box Co.

Cloud services hosting website elementor template this 2019

Steel Box Co is a company that specializes in the sale of new and used shipping containers. The banner includes the company’s name and what makes it different is that its fill color is the same as the image on its side which makes it appear like an extension of the image.

Scrolling reveals two containers applied with hover overlay styles and descriptions appear animatedly. Just below are flip boxes that showcase the company’s products. I love the color scheme used on this 1-page site which is Grey and Silver and is usually associated with steel according to research. Another thing is that the site uses a sticky navigation bar which is really a big help for the user.

16. Shake Design

Music concert ticket website elementor template this 2019

Shake Design is a design firm that offers services on branding, packaging design and, digital design. There are four things you’ easily observed as you access the site: the company’s logo on the upper left, a hamburger menu icon, a vertical dot navigation, and an accessibility tool icon. One scroll instantly reveals a new section containing an image of one of the company’s recent works.

The About page has a slick slider on its banner and images in a masonry layout. On the Expertise page, one section corresponds to one service they offer and its minimalism will surely stun you! Team members are also showcased within containers and their names appear once hovered. I love that the site uses different colors but still maintained this artistic and neat look.

15. Cocoon Styling

barista, coffee shop, bar and cafe website elementor template this 2019

Cocoon Styling is a group of hairstylists and makeup artists. At first, the company’s logo is displayed on the banner then the image will start sliding animatedly. When the Menu button is clicked, a sticky side navigation bar will appear. A before and after the slider is also present on the site. I like it because it allows the user to view a comparison between two images and control it by himself.

There is also a slider gallery in showcasing their recent works on makeup and hairstyling. Their services are enclosed within containers with a button that opens a modal form for the price list when clicked. Another thing is that Taupe combined with Black always results in an elegant looking website.

One thing is certain, Cacoon Styling is one of our most pleasant-looking websites in this best elementor websites list!

14. Team One Security

Animated and professional website elementor template this 2019

Team One is a Security Agency company located in Copenhagen. The site has a small vertical navigation bar over a photo banner. It has a dynamic letter that flips every second.

The site has a unique way of placing its contents and has different rectangular sizes. Every page on this website have the same layout and placing of contents. The photos are placed in a sliding banner on the right side of the page.

Sapling, White, and Nero are the well-chosen colors. It gives an edge to the look of the site. The texts can be read very well and clearly.

13. Video Mastery

online shop and art website elementor template this 2019

Video Mastery with Natasha Zuvela behind its name offers courses about properly establishing the art of presence on video. The site’s Hero section comes with an embedded video of Natasha. Right below it is two CTA buttons that are linked to the courses offered and Facebook group. I like that site comes with video testimonials which allows the user to hear from other past customers about the company. The links on the navigation bar are linked to the different sections of the site except for the ‘News’ which open a new page with posts in a timeline scroll layout.

As most best elementor websites lists have noted, Video Mastery is a must check for every Elementor designer out there!

12. Michael Casado

Attorney, lawyer and legal office website elementor template this 2019

Michael Casado is a music writer and producer who started his own label last 2014. The site will welcome you with a full-width photo banner. A music player is placed on the left side of the banner. Each section has a filtered background photo. Most of the links of the site will direct you to their Spotify page.

Below the Playlist Collection section are thumbnails that are divided into four columned contents that have a White filter when hovered. On the People Say section, the thumbnails will direct you to another page. The Releases page has a photo banner that changes every second and the contents are arranged into three columns.

The site uses a lot of photos but it does not look overwhelming. Some of the colors are used as the filters of the photos. Overall, the site looks stunning and unique.

11. EINR

Competitive business website elementor template this 2019

Einr AS is a Norwegian business consulting company that specializes in retail, high-volume logistics, and system solutions. The design looks minimalist with the consistency of colors and serif fonts. The banner comes with a cool image that is really a stunner.

The site has high word count but the line length made the contents still readable. The Humans page has containers arranged into four columns and well-organized. I personally like the neatness of this site.

This is honestly one of my favorite entries in this best elementor websites blog!

10. Society A

Minimalistic and simple website elementor template this 2019

Society A is a fashion brand that features Asian fashion for it to be accessible to the global network. Upon accessing the site, you can instantly tell that this one is all about beauty and fashion. It uses a mega menu on its navigation bar. The banner comes with a slider and containers with thumbnails that grows when hovered.

This one has the features a normal shop site has like image flippers and filter options. The Instagram Shop has images applied with hover overlay styles. Neatness can be observed throughout the site and I like how it uses a sticky navigation bar which personally is a big help for me.

9. Lech Rudnicki

plant online shop website elementor template this 2019

Lech Rudnicki is the website of the person of the same, offering web development and digital marketing services.

Unlike the other websites in this best elementor websites list, the simple but artistic image on the banner is immediately a huge plus, especially in terms of advertising your own expertise. Above that is a tagline, also simple and straight forward to what services the owner which to provide. The section with “Storytelling by design” shows a really neat design, having a parallax background and a square section of the owner’s skills and expertise presented in horizontal loading bars.

Overall, if you need inspirations for a website related to web development or other similar services, why not check this one out?

8. ZM Design

travel agency and tourism website elementor template this 2019

Zacharias Mortensen, the man behind ZM Design, is an expert in UX design, web development, and marketing. The site makes good use of dynamic text displaying Zacharias’ services. Just a few scrolls below the landing page is a section with a canvas particle animation on the background and a CTA at the center. I particularly like the Experience page with contents in a parallax scroll option. Another thing that looks great on this site is the navigation bar wherein the parallel lines on the menu become crossed when hovered.

If you’re really into best elementor websites, try checking out this website!

7. Serenity Apartments

Ski resort website elementor template this 2019

Aside from the fact that the landing page tells about what Serenity Apartments is, it also looks stunning and minimalist from how it is created. It is divided into two column. One column contains texts that introduce the site. The other is divided into two where each row has a background image in an overlay that changes to its original color when hovered.

When clicked, it opens a page for the residence they offer. It comes with a navigation bar that is linked to specific sections of the page. The use of parallax and slick dividers can be observed on these pages. If I were to describe the site in two words, it would be stunning and simple.

6. Go With The Gut

Tourism website elementor template this 2019

Go With The Gut is probably one of the most unique websites I’ve encountered in recent years, at least in terms of design. The banner is an animated “smile” that occasionally blinks and “giggles”. Even the animated text directly above is satisfying to see. Scroll a little and you’d see a section labeled “Play”, where a slider of videos is located.

Most websites in our best elementor websites list are “full websites”. Even though having only a single page, this site is definitely worth checking!

5. Bram Company

best food website elementor template this 2019

Bram Company’s hero banner will steal any visitor’s attention upon arrival. It’s a high-quality video that really works well in promoting the service and products of the company. Bram Company has a lot of pretty interesting sections. One is the “wallet” section where they showcase their products, where each wallet is shown in a seemingly random manner. Another is the “Slim One” section which showcases a single product but in a more intuitive way through an “image comparison” animation effect. Overall, Bram Company is recommended must-check website for new and professional web designers!

4. Do The North

Online course website elementor template this 2019

Do The North uses a wide and high-quality image banner which really shows what the site is about, a useful quality especially for any wandering visitor. Their services sections are really intuitive and easy to understand and also accompanied by high-quality images, the same as their testimonials. Do The North truly shows that importance of using quality photos in converting visitors into customers!

3. 4One

Mechanic and automotive website elementor template this 2019

4 One is a nicely designed website that shows interesting approaches to dividing their content. The banner is composed of a neatly stated tag line that contrasts well with the dark background. Their Services sections as well are pleasant to read and look at because of their use of colorful “Service” icons. Overall, 4 One is outstanding in terms of smooth but elegant design!

2. K.B. Enterprise

writer portfolio website elementor template this 2019

K.B. Enterprise is another simple but elegantly designed website in this list. Considering the nature of their business, K.B. Enterprise’s minimalist approach in site design and structure is truly admiring. Minimalism is among the current approach in modernized designs since most visitors rarely spends to much time to websites that seem to be cluttered or confusing to navigate. K.B. Enterprise is truly an excellent example that an industrial website should also use the design strategies of other business sites.

1. Dizajnar

Marketing website elementor template this 2019

Dizajnar is an excellently designed website that uses smooth animation effects along with beautiful graphics assets and readable texts. Despite their heavy use of quality images and animated transitions, Dizajnar is still very responsive in mobile and still considerably fast in performance. Any wandering visitor would really how Dizajnar is designed and structure to assist the conversion of a user!

Thanks for making this far! 🙂

Did I miss your favorite elementor website? Or did I miss yours? What should be the entries in my next Best Examples of Websites Built with Elementor post? Let me know in the comments section!

Kenoma Versoza

Kenoma is the project lead for WpBuilt and back when it was still ElementorResources. He was responsible for all SEO strategy and implementation and contributed a significant number of pages on the site.

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