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24 Best Templates and Themes for Elementor in 2019

24 Best Templates and Themes for Elementor in 2019

There’s no doubt, Elementor revolutionized the process of web design with its drag and drop feature. Over the years, it rose into popularity among businesses and companies, whether large or small. But that should be expected, since in most cases, designing the front-end of a website from scratch can take hours, or even days, especially for amateur web designers.

To everyone’s convenience, Elementor couldn’t get any more useful with the introduction of Templates and Themes, which drastically reduce the time, effort, experience or creativity needed to create professional-looking and user-friendly websites. Just import a template file to your WordPress site and you will be able to directly access it in Elementor!

Anyway, enough talk! Let’s now begin our 24 Best Elementor Themes and Templates you need to know this 2019!

Note: The following list does not follow a ranking order. Number one is not better to number 20, and vice versa. It’s only numbered for listing purposes.

24. Simple App | Free

Simple software website elementor template this 2019

If you’re looking for website design ideas for your app or software, it’s always good to start in something simple. With a really minimalistic but nevertheless neat hero visual, this free Elementor template is indeed up to date to the latest design trends in the tech industry. All of the necessary sections and pages relevant to any application software is already available here in this best Elementor template entry. If you’re looking for website design ideas for your app or software, it’s always good to start in something simple!

23. Barber Shop | Premium

Elegant barber shop website elementor template this 2019

Assuming you don’t use any cheap-looking images, this Premium and best Elementor Template can make your Barber Shop website look stunning! As among the best Elementor templates in this list, the main page alone will prompt any potential customer to book an appointment with its efficient use of font styles and unified icon designs. Of course, you still to pick a very good banner message and really neat hero visuals to truly invoke emotion to your visitors.

22. Koromo | Free

Unique but beautiful e-commerce/online shop website elementor template this 2019

Do you need a free Elementor template for your online shop? Well, Koromo really did took a unique approach in terms of e-commerce website design. Most of this template’s visuals are quite unique, most notably the buttons, the hero banner, and even their galleries. Customers nowadays like weird and unique stuff, so having a website designed like this is surely a major plus! Honestly, Koromo’s eccentric visual feel makes it one of the best Elementor templates in terms of uniqueness and ability to create an initial hook to any visitor!

21. Charity | Free

Professional charity foundation website elementor template this 2019 featured by Elementor resources

Most charity-related websites tend to have a fairly low interest in making their website much more appealing to online visitors. But as web developers, we know that the visual appeal of a website has a strong impact on the actions of our target audiences, regardless of ethnicity, gender or general knowledge. Like this best Elementor template (which is available for free download by the way), a well-organized layout and concrete design helps a lot in disseminating the different parts of the website, preventing likely distress to what should be mere browsing and eventually halting potential donations.

20. Valmiki | Free

Competitive e-commerce website elementor template this 2019

Despite being the second Online Shop Elementor Template in this list, Valmiki surely distinguishes itself from the others. Most of the visuals in this template are black and white, making the images clearer and the texts more readable. The navigation and page structure is simple and straightforward, which is what you probably need if you’re looking for the best elementor template for an e-commerce website built with Elementor!

19. Cupcake | Premium

cupcake website elementor template this 2019

Looking for a website design idea for a baking-related product is no feat. Luckily, what you probably need for your website is this cupcake premium Elementor template. With the use of light colors, white backgrounds, and black texts, this design somewhat reflects the kawaii culture in Japan. Just don’t forget to use high-quality pictures for your website and the design strategy for this best Elementor template will work well with you!

18. Olson | Free

photography and blog website landing page elementor template this 2019

If you like photography and you’re doing a blog, this free Elementor blog landing page template really pushed modern blogging to the next phase! Olson (the name of this best Elementor template) is both minimalistic and somewhat complex, using monospace fonts and white backgrounds along with stunning pictures and intrinsic layouts. It’s never too late to change the design of your blog site!

17. Cloud Hosting | Premium

Cloud services hosting website elementor template this 2019

Sometimes, it wouldn’t hurt to use the common practices or design people expect, especially if it makes your website straight forward and immediately obvious for your target customers. Same as in this Web hosting premium Elementor template, almost all of the critical components this type of service needs in a website is readily available and just awaits content replacement.

16. Music Concert | Premium

Music concert ticket website elementor template this 2019

We all know that music concerts are epic! So, a website dedicated to promoting such an event should invoke a similar level of emotion to its visitors, even immediately upon visit. And this is what this Music Concert premium Elementor template does! Words alone can’t describe the visual design this template possess, but I’d say this is one of the best Elementor templates in the music industry!

15. Barista | Premium

barista, coffee shop, bar and cafe website elementor template this 2019

If you have a coffee shop, bar or cafe, and you’re looking for a premium Elementor Template for your website, try this one. The design is entirely modern, having a simple navigation structure, neat hero visual, and overall optimized to maximize user experience across all platforms, most notably, mobile devices. In times like these, people prefer to browse their smartphones to search for the next place they want to chill out, and if your website is attractive enough on their phones, congratulations, you got a new customer! Try this best Elementor template now!

14. One-click | Free

Animated and professional website elementor template this 2019

Animations will always be at the top in terms of visual attractiveness; it makes something alive, or at least lively. Like what this free Elementor Template does, provoking curiosity to the visitor and providing enough time for the website to showcase itself. This best Elementor template has 2D transitions like grow and background transitions like fade. If you feel that this template has too many animations, you’re more than free to customize this one to suit your needs!

13. Yang | Free

online shop and art website elementor template this 2019

Looking for a free Elementor template for your online art shop? I introduce you to Yang; a simple and neat template that focuses on showcasing your artworks instead of itself, minimizing any potential distractions from the visitor’s eyes. This template is incredibly responsive and adaptive, optimized well for artists whose customers are likely to be using mobile phones most of the time. It has that “Featured Product” feature you see in most e-commerce sites, as well a Customer Review section to aid you in showing credibility to your customers. This is certainly one of the best Elementor templates we have for e-commerce websites!

12. Law Firm | Free

Attorney, lawyer and legal office website elementor template this 2019

As the only online presence of Attorneys, Lawyers and other Legal Offices, a Law Firm’s website should invoke a sense of dignity and strength upon their visitors. Similar to this Law Firm free Elementor Template, these types of service websites should be minimal in design but compact with relevant information. In times like these, a person’s or company’s presence on the Internet is as strong and influential as their own in the real world.

11. Coworks | Premium

Competitive business website elementor template this 2019

Coworks is a Startup Business premium Elementor Template that has a strong potential to immediately invoke professionalism to potential clients with its modern design and consistent layout format. This template is pretty straight forward in presenting relevant information but still manages to make those content appealing to the eye. Although this template already works well on its own, if customized more, this best Elementor template can be your powerful persona that will point your business in the direction of success!

10. Clarity | Free

Minimalistic and simple website elementor template this 2019

What truly makes Minimalism attractive is that it makes inherently confusing stuff easy to understand. Even if you have a dozen pictures shown in a single page if done simplistically, it wouldn’t be consuming to look at. As the name suggests, Clarity Elementor Template is a digital agency template that uses minimalism at its core. Even on mobile, their design approach works very well and you could hardly see any critical change in the overall design. This best Elementor template is definitely a must try!

9. Simply Natural | Free

plant online shop website elementor template this 2019

Another e-commerce entry on this list, Simply Natural is an Online Shop free Elementor Template that is incredibly focused on their product. This type of approach probably works well because their products are all plants but regardless, almost the entire website is really pleasing to browse at. And that’s what should all e-commerce website should be; make the visitor enjoy browsing through their products, giving them sufficient time to convert into customers. Simply Natural is truly a neat candidate in this best Elementor templates and themes list.

8. Cousteau | Premium

travel agency and tourism website elementor template this 2019

Cousteau Pro is a Travel & Tourism Elementor Template for travel agencies, tour guiding services, and accommodation agencies. Designed to be effective in promoting travel destinations, this premium Elementor Template will suit any travel agency regardless of scale. It’s already mobile friendly, so just a little bit of customization and this template is good to go!

7. Ski Resort | Free

Ski resort website elementor template this 2019

The hero banner alone should be enough to hook any potential visitor to your site. Take a look at this free Ski Resort free Elementor Template, which uses a squirrel chilling out and eating in the snow. Although it shouldn’t be a good practice to use hero visuals that isn’t really related to your website, sometimes, creativity can hit at a really weird angle, and when they do, they hit really hard.

6. Journez | Premium

Tourism website elementor template this 2019

Another Tourism Elementor Template on this list, Journez provides a nature-oriented approach to its use of visuals. At first glance, it appears that each section has its own background, but upon closer inspection, the entire background is an amalgamation of different images edited efficiently to give off this illusion. It surprisingly works well, and it’s almost like the entire page is a page from a magazine.

5. Food Blues | Premium

best food website elementor template this 2019

If you’re looking for a premium Elementor Template for food-related businesses, check this one out. The hero banner of this site already tells what it is; it’s about vegetables and fruits! However, it’s not as simple as that. Take a look at this template, the images of these food almost seem to be strategically placed to disperse the attention of the visitor, giving them enough time to look more at the food.

4. Learning Hub | Premium

Online course website elementor template this 2019

Learning Hub is a simple Online Course premium Elementor Template that can be used for any type of online course. It’s optimized for user experience and is already mobile friendly, ideal for potential customers who prefer to learn through their phones. The overall design theme is easy to look at, allowing every text to be readable and buttons distinguishable from the rest.

3. Mechanic | Free

Mechanic and automotive website elementor template this 2019

Mechanic Elementor Template made its way to this best Elementor templates and themes list due to its truly modernized approach in the Automotive Services industry. Its use of a stunning hero visual reflects well with the general design scheme, along with a minimalistic Services section that should be enough for the scope of such business. This type of services website should be indeed simple since an immediate demand does not require any pleasant approach and should instead be more concentrated on the functionality and purpose of the site.

2. Novelist | Premium

writer portfolio website elementor template this 2019

If you’re looking for an Author premium Elementor Template, check out this one. This novelist website template uses a dark theme, which suits authors who like to give a sense of mystery for their identity or provoke curiosity to wandering site visitors. This template uses highly readable texts through the combined use of sans serif and serif fonts, and both large and small font sizes.

1. Margin Marketing | Premium

Marketing website elementor template this 2019

Margin is a Marketing premium Elementor Template that uses an elegant layout along with simplistic visuals and functional design. The immediate presence of a subscription form is undeniably effective in prompting visitors to subscribe to their newsletter, increasing the conversion rate of the site. Even the Testimonial section looks neat, comparable to the common design trend found in social media platforms.

Thanks for making this far! 🙂

Did I miss something? What should be the entries in my next Best Elementor Templates and Themes post? Let me know in the comments section!

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