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Top 5 WordPress Beta Plugins

Top 5 WordPress Beta Plugins

Elementor plugins have always contributed to making Elementor perform and look better, and in most cases, expand upon various functionalities with almost limitless possibilities.

However, let’s look on the other side of the road for a moment and pay attention to those under-appreciated WordPress plugins out there that are currently in the Beta testing phase.




Shortcake is one of our most favorite beta plugins in WordPress. It makes adding shortcode literally a “piece of cake”. Shortcake is basically an open-source beta plugin that allows you to have a user-friendly interface for creating shortcodes within the content editor of WordPress.

Unlike before, which you have to do on the theme functions file (can be really dangerous and tedious at times), this beta plugin will save you some time doing all the dev work and create shortcodes whenever you need it.

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Customize Post


Did you know that changing the featured image actually makes the change live even before you save the post? This is a very surprising/unexpected behavior. The only way to truly preview a change to a featured image is to use something like Customize Posts.” – Excerpt from the WordPress Plugin page.

Essentially, Customize Post is a beta plugin that polishes the post and page content editor with a variety of useful features such as viewing all your scheduled posts, the current time as publishing date, dropdown pages controls, edit buttons on nav page links, and basic order control. Customize Post is also an open-source beta plugin with currently 5,000+ active installations.

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Front-end Editor for WordPress

This WordPress beta plugin is a plugin-and-play but configurable and extensible Front-end editor that improves upon the existing interface and features of WordPress.

Here’s a list of its current features:

  • Draft and edit posts.
  • Autosaves. Just publish when you’re done.
  • Contextual tools. Bold, italic, strikethrough, link, headings, lists and blockquote.
  • Add media with the WordPress media library.
  • Handy shortcuts for lists (*, – or 1.), blockquote (>) and horizontal rule (—).
  • Automatically embed media from this list. Just paste the URL.
  • You can also link text by just pasting the URL over it.
  • Add a featured image, if your theme supports it.

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Two Factor

two factor beta plugin

Two-factor, as the name suggests, is a simple open-source WordPress beta plugin useful for implementing two-factor authentication on your site, if that’s the only feature you need. It’s very intuitive and minimalistic to use, with no needless configurations and features that you don’t need.

Here are the currently supported two-factor authentication methods:

  • Email codes
  • Time-Based One-Time Passwords (TOTP)
  • FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F)
  • Backup Codes
  • Dummy Method (only for testing purposes)

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Background Image Cropper

image cropper beta plugin

This WordPress beta plugin is a core-feature plugin that adds the feature to directly crop any media image as a header image. It basically removes the inconvenient and tedious process of having to manually download an existing image, crop it on some online or offline image editing software and re-upload it for usage. It’s very very useful, especially for content-focused websites that use a lot of images in making posts and pages..

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Thanks for making this far! 🙂

There are not many WordPress beta plugins out there that are currently in the beta testing phase. Of course we didn’t forget Gutenberg, it’s just we want to highlight the least appreciated ones. What do you think of these beta plugins? Do you think we need them? Let me know in the comment section!

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Kenoma is the project lead for WpBuilt and back when it was still ElementorResources. He was responsible for all SEO strategy and implementation and contributed a significant number of pages on the site.

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