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10+ Recommended Tools for Elementor

10+ Recommended Tools for Elementor

We are often asked about the tools that we think best suit the Elementor page builder, which is an already powerful and versatile web development solution. This inspired us to create a list of the best Elementor tools and a little bit of review on each for you. We hope that this article would be a valuable resource to help you take your web development skills to the next level, whether you’re new in web development and design or a professional in the industry.

Without further ado, here are the tools that we would like you to try!



siteground banner

First things first, SiteGround is an official WordPress-recommended host. They are backed by fast and solid servers. It has set the standard in terms of web hosting features and flexibility. They offer affordable plans with features such as free CDNs and SSL certificates.

SiteGround is known for its excellent customer support. Submit a support ticket or initiate a support chat at any time of the day and you’ll get a quick response. Their support team is knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Beginners will never feel alone, or worse, lost in using this tool.

One of the few cons is that it is quite challenging to set up the backups. In addition, there is no free domain name. But overall, it is one of the most favorite among users.

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With almost 2 million downloads, OceanWP is known as a fast-rising WordPress theme. Developers and hobby-users alike prefer OceanWP due to its complete responsiveness and mobile-friendliness. Another great thing about this theme is that is built with SEO in mind. Pages made with OceanWP loads fast; in fact, it receives the highest grade from some of the leading speed tests. This WordPress theme also supports RTL languages and is translation-ready. What’s more, it is also e-commerce-ready as it is compatible with WooCommerce.

Other than being fully customizable and providing an advanced mega menu, it also offers users with a wide array of free templates.

One standout attribute is that it has state-of-the-art direct-built features. This means users don’t really need to use a bunch of other plugins for their page building tasks. For seasoned builders who need advanced features, they can buy a suite of extensions to power up the tool even more.

Some minor cons according to users include lack of intuitiveness and the theme options being pretty confusing for beginners. The customer options and option boxes, in particular, might overwhelm new users.

Fun fact: Elementor Resources is running on the OceanWP Theme. What a coincidence indeed!

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Elementor Pro

elementor pro

ElementorPro is a powerful tool that extends the functionality of the plugin’s free version. It is best known for its drag-and-drop functionality and its features that allow users to customize almost every aspect or element of a page, from the header down to the footer. With its Theme Builder feature, there is almost no limit to customizing your post and page designs.

While it’s premium version is just recently made available, the free version of Elementor has been in the market since June 2016. This meant the team behind the plugin had enough time to perfect its functionality before launching the more powerful paid version.

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Unlimited Elements for Elementor

unlimited elements addon elementor addon

UnlimitedElements is an excellent Elementor tool that offers over 100 free widgets. If you want more, you can go for the pro version that gives you a whopping 700+ widgets.

One thing that makes this tool stand out from the rest is that you have the option to install only the widgets you need. This system allows you to keep your workspace and server clutter-free. As a result, your workspace is arranged and organized and your Elementor is well within its memory limit.

If you wish to customize your page building experience, UnlimitedElements also gives you the opportunity to create your own widgets. Its Widget Creator lets you make custom widgets in just a couple of minutes. Basic coding knowledge with HTML/CSS is required, however.

This plugin offers 24/7 support. Support tickets are usually answered within an hour. There are currently more than 8,000 UnlimitedElements users.

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ActiveCampaign is the perfect newsletter service tool when building websites for small- and medium-sized businesses. It is designed with email marketing, marketing automation, and sales/CRM automation in mind. So if you are looking to take your engagement one step higher and boost your conversion, ActiveCampaign is best for you.

One notable feature is its Deals System, a CRM system that lets you easily perform tasks such as adding notes to contacts, sending direct messages, and setting up appointments.

Moreover, there are features designed for reporting on click-maps, geo-tracking, and page visits. Advanced plans for Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce even include purchase tracking.

In terms of disadvantages, the dashboard can be a bit overwhelming especially for beginners. But still, we use ActiveCampaign on wpbuilt subscribers to make nurturing automation that really reacts with the user’s behavior on our website. ActiveCampaign is useful to stop linear email campaigns and make large automation trees that although seem complex, actually make a lot more sense.

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Gravity Forms

gravity forms

GravityForms is known as a powerful contact form plugin for WordPress. Reliable and customizable, it also has a solid line of features designed for complex notifications, e-commerce, surveys, and subscription options. You can use it in making simple forms for personal blogs, complicated quote and booking forms for corporate sites, and everything in between. You can build payment gateways, spam filters, quizzes and questionnaires, online orders, file upload forms, and support requests.

GravityForms also accepts fully formatted WordPress post submissions, all thanks to its rich text editor field. It also has great support, and most importantly, it is very easy to use.

As for the cons, this tool can be considered overkill when it comes to simple forms. Still, most of ElementorResource’s forms at the time of this writing is created through GravityForms.

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Widget Options

widget options

Widget Options is designed to help users take advantage of WordPress widgets even more. This means you can gain better control of the widgets to suit your page building requirements and preferences. You can show or hide a particular widget on particular pages and posts, as well as choose which device type the widgets appear.

The free version offers a variety of excellent features, while the pro version obviously offers a lot more options.
Lastly, installation is simple. Simply search for “widget options,” install the plugin by Phpbits Creative Studio, and activate it. Another option is by downloading it from the WordPress page and installing it via FTP.

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Of course, page speed is still a critical factor. Especially here at Elementor Resources, where we tackle and present thousands of high-quality images in order to showcase websites, templates, and tools, our pages tend to load slowly. So, before uploading images at our site, we make sure that we “tinify” it first on TinyPNG’s website version.

It’s incredibly useful, so we really suggest you using it. There are a free developer API and a WordPress plugin useful if those are what you need. There’s also a Photoshop plugin, which is expensive but useful nevertheless!

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monster insights

Monster Insights is the most popular Google Analytics WordPress plugin. Originally named Google Analytics by Yoast, it allows you to track your web analytics data at a glance, even if you’re just a beginner.

Even though we’re very familiar with Google Analytics, we still use Monster Insights since it offers greater flexibility and convenience when it comes to making strategic changes to our website. It also offers real-time tracking, which is really useful since we know when our users are active the most.

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Although we don’t use CSSHero anymore, due to reasons we can’t disclose, we used it heavily in the past and contributed much to wpbuilt.com’s current design. Having the capacity to make changes on your WordPress theme without any single line of code is incredibly useful and offers maximum versatility.

Visually, it really resembles Elementor a lot in terms of making changes to the site. You have an editor too that allows you to design the website and see immediate changes to your website; a lot like Wix, Webflow and of course, Elementor.

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Elementor Resources is only just a year old, but it managed to rank on high volume keywords related to Elementor. How is that? Well, it was because we’ve invested in SEO incredibly much, and almost given most of our time on keyword research and content strategy, which SEMRush made possible.

Through SEMRush, we were able to track the current target keywords in terms of competition and look for keywords that might trend and give promising opportunities. We use SEMRush a lot daily, and make changes to our site as soon as we notice changes to data we see on its dashboard.

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Thanks for making this far! 🙂

These are only some of the best tools we can recommend for you. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and we would like to make it clear that the definition of your ideal plugin or extension must be based on your page-building skill level, preferences, and requirements. But all in all, the above-mentioned tools are the ones that are worth trying so see for yourself. We hope that this simple guide helped you. Good luck on your page building!

Kenoma Versoza

Kenoma is the project lead for WpBuilt and back when it was still ElementorResources. He was responsible for all SEO strategy and implementation and contributed a significant number of pages on the site.

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