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Best About Pages Built Using Elementor

Best About Pages Built Using Elementor

About page is considered one of the most important pages that your site should have. It gives you an opportunity to show-off your business by answering WH’s and H’s questions about your company. Your About page can be one of the most visited pages as every site visitor will always aim in finding the story behind your company and the real people behind the corporate faces.

Of course, your About page should be informative and creative as possible. If what you are thinking of is adding a long text and unfitting designs to supply the right details to your customers, then think again. Elementor page builder offers widgets and plugins that will help you build a compelling and remarkable About page. With that, we listed down websites with interesting and impressive About pages for your inspirations.

Let’s start!

Pixelgrade Featured by Elementor Resources


If we are going to talk about creativity, Pixelgrade’s About Page tells a lot of it. Its banner comes with a full-width image in an overlay with boldface texts that says “We are Pixelgrade”. Scrolling reveals an image that overlaps a section containing contents about the company – what they do, when did they start and how do they do it.

The best thing about this one is on the team member’s area. Each member has an image that animatedly turns into a GIF showing a creative use of the company’s logo when hovered. The area contains the first names of the member, their position, a short bio, and their social links. Persian Green was consistently used on the page that gives this symmetrical and well-proportioned overall design language.

Shake Design Featured by Elementor Resources

Shake Design

This About page is no wonder impressive as what Shake Design’s business is all about. It comes with a hero image that gradually slides into several images that shows something about the company that will surely grab your attention but not too distracting.  As you scroll down, a section will show up with some texts on the left side and an image on the right. There is a “Read More” text button that triggers the image to turn into a description of the company when clicked.

The page isn’t bombarded with a lot of texts (which I find good). Shake Design lets the images and video thumbnails in a masonry layout speak up about them. Along the way, you’ll find a section where their partner companies are showcased with the logos, all in white, complementing the background in a solid Black.

Smart Start Featured By Elementor Resources


What do you expect with a financial firm’s About page? A wall of text? A board of numbers and equations? Well, SmartStart did something different by breaking down the contents into sections. They feature a quote on the beginning on the page with a highlighted line overlapping a gradient section. There is an image on its side that when observed closely, you’ll find out that it’s in parallax.

Listed down below are the company’s principles in three rows separated using line dividers. Using a shape divider and a gradient background, they included a tagline with another quote just before the page ends.

Trusted Pork Featured By Elementor Resources

Trusted Pork

About Us pages should sound and look formal and factual in order to gain credibility with customers and that is what Trusted Pork did. They started the page with details about their campaign in front of a full-width background image.

The page contains a lot of text but Trusted Pork made it possible to organize them with the use tab navigation. The tab titles on the side will allow you to change the contents of the section that tells something about how they do the business.

Wp Elevation Featured By Elementor Resources


Minimalism and style – the two words that best describe Designores’ About page. The page uses a two-tone color scheme of Endeavor and Denim (shades of Blue) which is after the company’s branding color. The Hero section comes with an image that overlaps a box in a gradient background color. On its side are texts that tell about the company.

Scrolling reveals boldface headings in a fill color that is right and just for it to complement with the White background. Their design process is showcased using keywords laid out into three columns with only the first three letters underlined. The animated counters just a few scrolls down allows you to view data counts about their business including the number of their projects done, designer, clients served and reviews earned. The slick slider used in displaying their customer’s logos is a plus for me as it triggers the user’s sight to stay on the page for more.

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