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Best Contact Pages Built Using Elementor

Best Contact Pages Built Using Elementor

In designing a website, we tend to give a lot of focus on the landing page, services page or blog page but in reality, we tend to not give attention to one of the important pages your site should focus on – Contact page. If customers have a question about your product or service, they’ll surely find a way to contact you. Without a persuasive and functional Contact page, potential customers might decide to take their business elsewhere (which is just a few clicks away to do).

Your Contact page should be stylish, informative and usable as it is the most efficient way of finding prospective clients. With our leading page builder, Elementor, we gathered a list of sites that made an excellent design of their Contact page.

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Smart Start Featured By Elementor Resources


JointByte’s version of their Contact Page looks minimalist and neat with a three-tone color scheme after their brand. The page starts with a “Contact Us” on its header. Below it, you’ll find three options: you can send them an email, contact their sales support or visit their tech support.

Each option is within a container with buttons that are linked to a fill-out form found on the same page (one of the three buttons opens an external link). The left side of the form displays some details of the company including its physical address and contact number. Also, the page ends with a CTA section containing a friendly copy that goes “We’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas”. It makes the user feel like he is very welcome and is being taken care of.

Smart Start Featured By Elementor Resources


Following the site’s color scheme, Popnicute’s Contact page has the simplicity and neatness that suits well. There is an image of Kharisma, the person behind the business, featured on the left side of the page.The page is introduced with a reminder to check first the FAQ page before filling out the contact form. This is a big help in saving time and preventing from getting overwhelmed by unnecessary emails. The use of the light background color makes the texts and CTAs clear for site visitors.

Smart Start Featured By Elementor Resources


Every page on Designores’ site ends with a CTA linked to its contact page and just as what the company’s tagline goes – “We make things look wow”, their Contact page is indeed impressive. The above fold of the page displays a contact form that overlaps a container in a gradient color. Just beside it are the company’s contact number, email address and a link to its Facebook page.

Scrolling reveals boldface texts in a light fill color that suits well with the color scheme of the page. More social links are on the page within containers and text button. The layout is
very clean allowing the important contents to be highlighted.

Smart Start Featured By Elementor Resources


Sopavillonen combined classic art into their Contact page. The layout makes you feel comfortable and nostalgic it features a creative container on the above fold with imagery of animated slides. It comes with another image overlapping it with a map showing where they are exactly located. Laid out on its side are details about them including their office hours, contact numbers, email address, and bank accounts. There is a text button on it that allows the user to locate them on Google Map.

Smart Start Featured By Elementor Resources


If you are finding for a simple yet stunning Contact page, Artneo’s got you (single page contact section instead). It’s what makes this page unique – no fuzz, on-the-point and stylish. Displayed on it are words from Andre, the person behind Artneo site, with his contact number, email address and physical address. There is also a fill-out form for the user to send a message for further inquiries on the business. Another way of contacting them is through WhatsApp by clicking the button also found on the section.

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