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Creating Innovative Website Faster This 2022 With Elementor 3.5

Creating Innovative Website Faster This 2022 With Elementor 3.5

Last December 22, 2021, Elementor released a new feature statement for their Elementor 3.5 release. When it comes to design, Elementor 3.5 improves your process while also offering new features. This allows you to construct websites more quickly while still ensuring that they are visually appealing, dynamic, and entertaining.

Web designers and developers are constantly on the lookout for new methods of increasing their productivity and creating innovative designs that keep their users interested. After all, whether we all agree or not, users are what is keeping this industry alive. 

A number of new workflow features introduced in Elementor 3.5 will allow you to save significant time on your development process while also accelerating your project. These include the ability to mark widgets as favorites, drag from the desktop, and multi-select.

New features in Elementor 3.5 also include Transform, Text Stroke, and Word Spacing, which will let you develop very sophisticated websites within Elementor while decreasing the number of plugins and custom code required to achieve the same advanced appearances. 

With Elementor 3.5, the Experiments UI has also been updated to make it simpler to comprehend the stability of each trial, as well as a new experiment for boosting the efficiency of a website. 

Diving Deeper into Elementor 3.5 Features

Mark Widgets as Favorite

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced website developer, you’ve certainly discovered that you have a favorite style that you use over and over, causing you to utilize some widgets more frequently than others. You may now pin or mark your widgets as favorites, creating a more tailored editor panel for your needs.

Drag from Desktop

Bringing media to Elementor, though simple, has always been a piece of work. Well, the Drag from Desktop feature enables you to get media from dragging them straight from your desktop!


In the same way that pressing CTRL/CMD on your desktop allows you to pick multiple things at the same time, you can now do the same thing with sections, columns, or widgets in your editor or navigator. Multi-Select allows you to make changes to numerous items at the same time, such as copying or deleting an item or duplicating it. You may also paste an item and change the style of it by using Multi-Select.

Elementor 3.5 Revamped Design Capabilities


Adjusting and animating elements makes your website unique, enhances user engagement and curiosity. This, in turn, empowers you to increase the amount of time users spend on each page and the number of pages they visit.  With this enhanced feature, you can enjoy all the capabilities of CSS Transform without writing any code. You can also adjust the layout of elements on your page by rotating, skewing, offsetting, scaling, or flipping them in their normal state upon hover. 

Text Stroke

Headings that stand out from the rest of the page can surely capture users’ attention and direct them to other sections of your page. Headings now have a new feature, the Text Stroke, which allows you to apply an outline to them, and expand your design versatility. 

Try this:

Design transparent headings with only an outline in order to create beautiful visual effects that appear to be cut outs, and allow backdrops to be seen through them, by simply setting the headline color to translucent and using a Text Stroke of a different color from your background to make it standout. 

Word Spacing

We all want to experiment with new designs, especially for headings and other texts. Consider word spacing. Customizing the text spacing on our page helps us to express ourselves in many ways. Word spacing can help you better communicate with your users while also improving their visual experience. The new Word Spacing control, similar to the letter spacing control, allows you to set the distance between words. This allows you to change the fonts and colors on your website.

Elementor 3.5 Updates on Experiments

Inline Font Icons for Faster Page Load

The inline SVG experiment now includes support for inline Font Icons. In order to achieve faster page load times, the experiment reduces the amount of CSS and WOFF files on each page load by as much as 111KB.

New Experiments UI

In order to increase the display of experiments as well as their stability, the Experiments user interface has been completely revamped. In this part, experiments are divided into two sections: the first half contains experiments that are in the alpha and beta stages, while the second half contains studies that are more stable. Additionally, you can enable or disable all experiments with a single click, which will make debugging much easier in the future.

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