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Divi Review – WordPress Theme & Page Builder in One

Divi Review – WordPress Theme & Page Builder in One

Divi is an Elegant Themes flagship and is also one of today’s most popular WordPress themes. Since it’s a multipurpose theme, it was built so that you can develop any kind of website with WordPress.

Divi has been updated and improved on a regular basis over the years. The topic includes a powerful tool to create a drag and drop page, hundreds of website templates, a variety of configuration options and settings, and a few more useful features. It is also priced competitively.

Divi is certainly looking great on paper, but for your WordPress website, is it the right theme? In this Divi analysis, this is the question we will help you answer.
By looking at the characteristics and user experience of this topic, Divi is the perfect choice for your project and can be guided in making a decision.

Now, let’s start our review for the Divi Theme!

About the Divi Theme


Divi was developed and is the flagship product of the Elegant Themes Team. Launched for the first time in 2013 but was continually updated, refined, and improved to remain a competitive option within the multifunctional categories of WordPress themes.


Currently, a Divi plugin, officially known as Divi Builder, is available also from the team of Elegant Themes. This WordPress Page Builder plugin allows you to add the Divi theme page builder to any Web site, regardless of the topic. We check the WordPress theme instead of the plugin for this Divi review.

Moreover, if you like what you see, but use a theme which you are satisfied with already, you can access most of Divi’s impressive features, such as content templates, page builders, and split testing tools just by downloading the Divi Builder plugin.

At the end of this review, we shall cover Divi ‘s price choices. It should nevertheless be remembered that the Divi theme and the Divi plugin – without listing some other useful products – are a kit so that you don’t have to make a choice between them. Alternatively, you can access all the products of Elegant Themes for use on unlimited numbers of websites at a relatively low price.

Hopefully, this will clarify some of the common questions about Divi’s different versions, so let’s now know how well this topic is really good (or bad).

Divi Overview

divi theme review

While this divisional analysis discusses sufficiently closely the main features of this subject to help you decide whether it is right for you, this is a brief overview of some of the highlights to show you quickly whether this is the kind of topic you want:

  • Large library of premium templates: Divi is supplied with hundreds of editable templates for all sites.
  • The Divi Builder tool is one of WordPress ‘ most feature-rich content drag and drops editors.
  • Split content optimizer tool: the feature Divi Leads allows you to optimize your content at the highest possible conversion rates by conducting A / B testing.
  • This comes with more features: all Divi transactions come with an Extra theme and a few helpful plugins for WordPress.

When you pick Divi, you will be granted access to a large and growing range of pre-built page templates, a strong visual web editor, and other useful features to ensure your content is not only fantastic but also helps you achieve your business objectives.

Outstanding Features of the Divi Builder

This is certainly a WordPress theme so you can get a detailed look at the most important features of Divi so you can keep things succinct as possible.

Divi Theme Builder

divi theme builder

Most WordPress themes, which include page builders, allow you to design customized posts and pages. Still, though, you can’t personalize certain sections of your site including headers, footers, and templates for the themes.

In the past, this was true of Divi, but you are no longer restricted to content areas only by means of a recent update. With the Theme Builder functionality, you can now customize all aspects of your WordPress site.

Create Custom Headers and Footers

The Theme Constructor is a truly amazing feature of Divi. It not only allows for your website to design unique headers and footers but also for your blog posts, portfolios, eCommerce products, 404 error pages, and many other applications.

Build Unique Blog Post and Archive Templates


Thanks to the prototype support, you can customize your page on your website with the Divi Theme Builder, which displays your latest blog posts.

You can also choose what contents from every blog post are shown, such as the title, featured image, authors, dates, etc. as well as create a custom layout. You can not only create multiple templates to view blog postings and then monitor the use of them.

You can precisely define when each of your designs is used through the template settings. For example, for blog posts only from a certain category or for specific pages a template can be used.

Drag-and-Drop Visual Builder (Divi Builder)

divi drag and drop

This work is carried out in the Divi Builder when it comes to changing the models or creating new material from scratch. Over the years, this tool has been updated several times and is now one of WordPress’s most successful and outstanding builders.

The Divi Builder has several key features:

  • WYSIWYG visual editor for creating custom page designs.
  • Capacity to create personalized themes.
  • Nice content modules collection.
  • Capacity to create reusable pages for your entire website.
  • Wireframe mode for a simple page layout overview.
  • History panel to undo and redo your actions.
  • Range of viewports for smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Plus lots more…

The Divi Builder uses columns and rows to assist you in designing page layouts. A large selection of helpful modules, including Call – to – Action, sliders, and video players, can then be incorporated into your templates to name only a few. All these modules can be tailor-made for the design of your website and for your project to look right.

Reusable Custom Content

You can save anything that you build in the Divi Builder for use through the global modules feature of your web. It includes any modules you modify or personalize. You can monitor how reusable assets are updated, including creating dynamic assets that allow all instances to be updated with a single touch of a button.


Divi is also extremely portable so that it can be easily transferred between WordPress websites. You have some great time-saving features to make the workflow more efficient when you plan to create multiple websites with Divi.

Ease of Use


This whole new feature, control, and creative freedom have a price, and this is a fairly steep learning curve to master the new user interface. While not poorly implemented, the user experience of Divi Builder is very different from WordPress ‘s default one. This means that if you want to make the most of the page builder, you will need to learn a new way of work.
However, it is expected because now you’ve got so many new features. However, it’s worth mentioning, because in the Divi Builder you may not be able to do all you want in time without getting familiar with the new design.

Full Creative Control

The Divi Builder interface allows all aspects of your content to be personalized to completely control your articles and websites. After a recent update, however, you can monitor completely the other parts of your site with this newly added Theme Builder.

Beautifully-Designed Page Templates

divi page templates

Divi’s Development Catalog and Page Builder Software are probably the two key points. The software Divi Builder would be of great interest to you if you choose to make a custom WordPress website from scratch. However, it would make a huge difference for everybody else to choose whether or not you use the pre-designed web templates for the website.
If you want support with designing your new website, then Divi is sure to have the biggest range of high-quality page templates downloadable today from all WordPress themes.
Such models span a wide range of projects, ranging from business websites to yoga and eCommerce shops to curriculum management systems.

There are actually a variety of models for nearly any form of project, and it is worth looking at the Divi design to see what is available on whatever website you want to create.
Although a catalog of individual templates is available on certain themes, Divi has style packages tailored for a specific website. These packs normally include homepage, contact pages, and the models for the landing page, so you can launch your new website easily with all your required content.

However, you do not need to stick to a kit layout. Divi helps you to select and choose from any of the available style packages any design you want to use on your website.
They are all editable, so they’re perfect for your own personalized projects as a starting point. Otherwise, you can use them and adjust the text and the images using the content editor, if necessary.

Divi Leads Optimization Tool

divi leads optimization tool

Divi comes with a split-testing tool to ensure the design of the individual content not only looks good, but is tailored to help you achieve your business goals. Although this feature is seldom used in WordPress, it is very useful and surprisingly easy to use.

If you want to know which edition of your site receives the best reaction from your audience, a splitting check with Divi Leads takes even a few clicks.

The function is designed into the Divi Creator. You just have to choose the page element you want to test — for example, a button — and then trigger Divi Leads for this feature. The second version of this item can then be produced. The divided test tool shows one version of your audience and the other version of another visitor section.

Every split test experiment has a target, such as a link click or a page visit. After the test starts collecting data, you can check out the most up – to – date version of your page element.
You do not simply compare two versions of a page element with Divi Leads. It allows you to test multiple combinations for content optimization. You can also run multiple A / B tests simultaneously, allowing the entire website to be optimized at the highest possible conversion rates.

While you can use a dedicated service to add this kind of functionality to your WordPress website, it is unusual to see it implemented in such a theme.
The Divi Leads feature is an invaluable tool that is incredibly efficient and user friendly if you have designed your website with any particular objective, whether it’s email choices, product sales, contact form entries, or just more page views.

Divi Support and Documentation

divi support

In the past, customer support has been a critical area for Elegant Themes. Support has been provided via private discussion forums in which customers can ask questions and expect an answer from the support team for elegant topics. Often customers reported that response times were not very good and issues were not always solved.
But elegant topics no longer provide the help that discussion fora in what looks like an attempt to overcome this problem and are now using a messaging service.

Messenger Support Channel

Customers on the Elegant Themes website can open a messenger support ticket to wait for a response. This certainly helps because the forum no longer needs to analyze whether anybody has responded. This is a good idea.

However, the response times were swift and the details were helpful when I checked your customer service for this division analysis.

Detailed Documentation

The online documentation available on their web site is a major feature of Elegant themes and Divi in particular. The online documentation clarifies each of the features and aspects of Divi while the Elegant Themes blog provides tips and advice on the use of its products.

Community Forums and Meetups

divi community meetup

While support is now provided by the Elegant Themes team via the messenger system, forums for discussion remain online and give users an opportunity to share ideas and speak to one another.

There are also many popular Facebook groups specifically dedicated to Elegant Themes and Divi, with users able to share tips and best practices to learn about and benefit from each other.

If you want to be interested even more in the elegant topics and divine culture, there are also meetings with individuals who are regularly held worldwide.

Other Elegant Themes Products Included

Once you buy Divi, this subject is not simply accessible to you, but to all Elegant Themes products such as:

  • Extra WordPress theme for online magazines and blogs.
  • Bloom email opt-in form plugin to help you grow your subscriber list.
  • Monarch social sharing plugin to help you get more shares and followers.
  • Divi Builder plugin for adding Divi’s page builder tool to WordPress websites that are using another theme,

Divi Pricing Options

divi pricing

Divi is an affordable theme for WordPress, particularly if you think of all additional products. It’s not much more expensive than some of the other best – selling alternatives, including those with no other goods.

So what does the cost of Divi?

Well, two options are available for Divi purchases. One offers you live access to all items from Elegant Themes, including future releases, support, and updates.

Yearly Access – $89
Lifetime Access – $249

While you can buy annual access options and use Divi and other items that are not sponsored after the year is over, you will be able to deal with any potential security problems that may arise but will be solved in updates in the future.

In addition, you can miss any new features and improvements made to Divi — something that happens regularly.

Thus, it makes financial sense to invest in 249 $live access from the outset if you assume that you will be using Divi for more than 3 years.

If that sounds like a large financial cost for a product you have not used before, a 30-day cash back guarantee is in place which allows you to test Divi and other Elegant Themes products safely.

Divi Theme Review Conclusion

Divi is a powerful issue that can be used for WordPress website creation of any kind.

You can find something you want in the Divi Template Library if you are searching for a theme with a variety of models ready for you to use.

On the other hand, Divi and its page builder have all functions you need to make this possible if you want to create a custom WordPress website right from scratch-without any code being edited.

If you are sitting somewhere in the middle and want to access a large library that can be tailored to your own versions, Divi meets these requirements too.

However, as mentioned earlier, while Divi is relatively easy to use, it takes time to deal with the builder’s user interface, if you really want to make the most of this subject. Nonetheless, the pre-built models all look fantastic and can be used very easily if you hurry to get your new Website online.

If you are still unsure whether this is the right theme for building a website, see the customer showcase to see what is possible with Divi. If you are still not confident.

Divi Pros

  • Multipurpose theme suitable for any project
  • Beautifully-designed Editable templates
  • Very Powerful WordPress page builder tool
  • Well established documentation
  • Still being updated and improved

Divi Cons

  • Not easy to fully use at first
  • Too overwhelming to use because of the creative freedom
  • No email ticketing platform


Divi combines spectacular appearances to provide a true multi-purpose WordPress theme, with a range of impressive features. A wide range of page templates and a user – friendly page builder would suit everyone who needs an out-of-the-box solution and anyone who wants to develop custom designs without coding.

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