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Elementor Survey Plugin

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing strategy that focuses on results that reward the partners for taking the desired action. Joining an affiliate program is the simplest and quickest way to maximize revenue and grow your profits while selling products or services online.

Affiliate marketing can be a beneficial and low-risk investment to maximize marketing activities across the conventional spectrum of a small business. So, in this post, we will provide you some of the best WordPress and Elementor tools and plugins that also offer an affiliate program.


Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates is a WordPress plugin that allows you to track your affiliate links entirely within the WordPress dashboard. This plugin also comes up with a paid premium feature if you want to have better and more advanced functionality.

Cloaking affiliate links is one of the best practices for ensuring affiliate marketers’ commissions. With ThirstyAffliates plugin, you can easily attach links into posts, cloak links, automatically insert affiliate links and even see how any connection on your web is made. You can group your ties in groups too so that your affiliate partners can be sorted quickly.

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If you are looking for the best WordPress plugin that can make your visitors stay longer on your site, buy something, subscribe to your bunch of email lists, or even fill up your contact forms, why don’t you give OptinMonster a try?

OptinMonster is the perfect WordPress plugin for lead generation. It enables you to build lovely opt-in forms that convert well. OptinMonster also empowers you to turn visitors to your website into customers or subscribers. Business owners usually only add a subscription form to their website and expect their list to expand. But for it to work well, you need to build beautiful visual forms that display custom information based on the interest of your users — and that is what OptinMonster has to offer.

And because of the enormous demand, the developers of OptinMonster have turned the plugin into a standalone application, enabling it to be used on all websites platforms, including WordPress.

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WPForms is a WordPress plugin that is useful in creating beautiful contact forms; it is beneficial, especially to the beginner users of WordPress due to its drag and drop feature.

The free version of WPForm contains all basic contact form functionality, including spam form fields, spam captcha, email alerts, and a form for confirmation and thank you page. You can expand the plugin into a premium version so you can create multi-page forms, email subscription forms, payments and order forms, etc.

In your WordPress dashboard, you can review all your form entries and receive custom mail notices. You may also create conditional alerts so that your team notifies the correct person.

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Advertising is one of the easy ways to make money and rank higher on search results using your WordPress websites. However, we all know how hassle is to display ads manually; and that what you need is a plugin that could help us manage, organize, and control every ad you have on your website.

By using the AdSanity WordPress Plugin, you are able to build and display ads for all sizes on your website using widgets and shortcodes, and obtain stats on clicks and views. The advertisements can appear on their own (by particular advertising or by random selection), or in groups.

AdSanity plugin is so simple and can also be used by beginners in building professional and creative advertisements. It has a clean and start-up GUI for the development and management of ads. The core plugin has a limited number of features, but it provides many additional features that allows you to expand the functionality of the plugin.

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Constant Contact

Are you looking for a more effective and simpler way to extend your list? This easy-to-use WordPress plugin allows you to set up a built-in form to collect visitor contact information instead of building a website for those who visit and leave your website without taking action.

Constant Contacts Form for WordPress lets you create mobile and professional sign-up forms that automatically suits the theme and style of your WordPress website. Regardless of how technically savvy you are, these forms are easy to build and modify without coding skills.

Using Constant Contact Forms for WordPress, you can easily create an email newsletter, run email promotions, and expand the list of your subscribers. Through using its drag and drop email builder with loads of templates, you can create beautiful email campaigns in seconds. With your newsletter, you can promote your partners, which opens up another channel to increase your membership income outside of your website.

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Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a functional WordPress plugin that allows handling and manages all-in-one WordPress links. It helps you to build clean, simple URLs on your WordPress site that can be redirected. You can create redirects, group them, and share easily on multiple platforms for your existing content or external links using this plugin.

This WordPress plugin is fast, has a clean GUI interface, and easy to use. By using Pretty Links, you can turn your long links into a creative and proper link. This is beneficial, especially if you are a blogger or a marketer as this plugin provides a range of features for adding and organizing WordPress affiliate links.

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Our next WordPress plugin was initially developed by the widely known as the best available WordPress SEO plugin — Yoast. It was acquired by Syed Balkhi, the creator of other brilliant WordPress plugins, OptinMonster and WPForms, and later on, renamed as MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin that enables Google Analytics services easily integrated, personalized, and managed on your WordPress website to be. This plugin simplifies the website’s monitoring with Google Analytics. You set up google analytics with just a few clicks, and quickly see how your website is going. MonsterInsights also allows you to see how visitors can find and use your site and track the behavior of the website as well.

It’s challenging to know what works and wastes your time without knowing your traffic sources and the behavior of your audience. Now, you can easily understand your market and build a marketing and content strategy focused on data to maximize your audience with MonsterInsights.

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In the search results, the competition beats you very badly. And what do you intend to do? Have you studied your competitors? Several great SEO instruments allow you to evaluate the market and build a more effective strategy, and we think that this plugin is one of the best for your needs.

SEMRush is one of the great SEO tools at this time. Now that SEO is at the core of a successful website, SEMRush helps to study new keywords, analyze competitor’s strategies, acquire or track links, and is beneficial for SEO campaigns. SEMRush is used by a lot of new and old business owners and even bloggers where they use it to customize their websites, build the contents their visitors want and provide their visitors a better experience.

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The Themify builder is one of the most efficient and easy-to-use page builder for WordPress. What you imagine is what you can create with its drag and drop, interface — pick, move and drop, and make lovely pages without any coding skills, and you can also and see it all coming together with a life preview feature.

Themify Page Builder is flexible in layout and designed for greater efficiency. This WordPress page builder is an SEO-friendly, translatable, multi-site network assist as well. It also features a cache system that reduces storage resources and loads pages more quickly.

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Powered by WooCommerce, Dokan by WeDevs is one of the best front-end multi-supplier marketplace in WordPress. This plugin lets you create your own marketplace and ecommerce website in just 30 minutes, similar to Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and Magento.

Dokan is the quickest way to start e-commerce and earn commissions from digital, physical and variable goods.

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