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Escuela Nacional Sindical

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Escuela Nacional Sindical

Escuela Nacional Sindical is a non-government organization in Colombia that studies the world of work. After the homepage has fully loaded, the banner will then start changing.

One thing I liked is that the transition speed is slow enough for someone to still be able to read the texts written. I liked how the menu differs from the usual one, it expands to the whole web page after clicking the button.

It is divided into five columns with different backgrounds each that change into the color Carmine when hovered. I like how the WE SERVE YOU section is created.

As you continuously scroll down, the icons on the left side and the section next to it is filled in with a Bright Turquoise color. The site makes a good use of transitions on almost every web page.

This website is a featured example and not created by Elementor Resources team.

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