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Gisselefeldt Advertising & IT

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Gisselefeldt Advertising & IT

Gisselefeldt Advertising & IT is a digital agency that works to create innovative solutions for your marketing and your IT operations. The full-width banner of the site is divided into two, a photo on the left and Gray filled color on the right. Each section of the homepage is partitioned with a slanted divider. A parallax background can be seen at the middle of the page.

On the parallax background are their works that do a sliding effect when hovered. At the end of the homepage are photos that are divided into five columns that direct you to their Instagram page. The Portfolio page will welcome you with a slanted parallax photo banner. Its contents are divided into three proper aligned columns.

The simple Orange, White, and Black colors made the site look lively. Contents are properly partitioned and have good alignment. It can be found easily because of the well-organized contents.

This website is a featured example and not created by Elementor Resources team.

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