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Haste Design


Haste Design

Haste Design works in development, consulting and training on WordPress, virtual stores, apps, games, interactivity, and design. A parallax photo banner is the will show up first on the site. The What We Do section has four blurbs that will direct you to the submenus of the Services menu.

The layout submenus of the Services menu are simple yet made creatively. Below is the Our Customers section, the logos of the companies and testimonials are placed in a sliding banner. A typing effect can be seen on the What We Do section. The contents of the Portfolio page are divided into three column that zooms out when hovered.

White is the main background color of the site. While the texts are in a Black color which complements the White background. The san serif and serif fonts maintained the texts clear to read.

This website is a featured example and not created by Elementor Resources team.

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