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MAISQ is a company located in Santa Catarina that offers architecture, interior, and exterior design. On the navigation bar,  a hamburger menu can be seen at the right side of the page, when clicked a drop-down menu will appear. The site will welcome you with a full-width photo banner. Each section is partitioned with a unique divider.

Each section has numbers and section names. Contents of the Portfolio section are divided into four columns and can be sorted by their categories. Photos of the Media and Providers section are placed in a sliding banner.

The color scheme of the site is Light Sea Green and Dark Slate Gray that blends well together. The Light Sea Green font color blends well with the Dark Slate Gray background. Texts are still clear to read. This is a one-pager site where links from the menu direct you to each section of the site.

This website is a featured example and not created by Elementor Resources team.

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