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Parisa Consulting


Parisa Consulting

Helping people to soar new heights online so people can focus on what they value the most in business is the purpose of Parisa Consulting – an expert in digital design and a strategist. The site welcomes you with a banner with a gradient background of Indigo. One will surely love the use of 3D icons throughout the page.

I like the wavy divided between the banner and the section next to it. One can also notice the use of buttons in gradient background and applied with hover styles on the homepage. I love how the Buyer’s Guide page is created. The social media buttons have texts that only appears when the cursor is pointed to it. Contents have thumbnails that zoom in when hovered. Transitions can also be observed.

The What’s New on the navigation bar opens a sliding section on the left side of the screen when clicked. I love how the site maintained an effective line length despite the wordy contents. The site makes a good use of san serif fonts and proper placement of elements are observed throughout the site

This website is a featured example and not created by Elementor Resources team.

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