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Talentvorsprung helps you with Digital Job Stories to find the right employees for you. The look of the interface of the site is unique. Its layout is like the look of a comic book. It has a full-width photo banner that will welcome you.

Each page of this site has very unique banners. There’s a push button at the end of the page of the Home and Your Job Story pages. This button will direct you to a different page. I like how the About us page uses vector for the photos of their employees.

I like how the Know-How page still uses comic-style photos for its thumbnails.  The site uses a lot of colors that complement well with each other. Contents are well-organized, properly aligned with each other and can be found easily. Texts maintained its readability and clarity. Overall, the interface of this is unique.

This website is a featured example and not created by Elementor Resources team.

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