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Voice Matters


Voice Matters

Voice Matters have designed and delivered in-house training courses for their clients throughout Ireland, Europe, United States and the Middle East for over 24 years. The look of the homepage is just simple and doesn’t have much content. A full-width photo banner is the first thing you’ll see on the site. Below are boxes with photos and texts that changes its color into Gray when hovered.

I like the Coaching page because of its beautiful sections. Each section is partitioned with different unique dividers.  A section on this page has tabs bar where you can choose other options. The Blog page has organized and well-partitioned contents. Contents are divided into well-aligned three columns.

The color choices Sienna, White and Black complement each other really well. Simple san serif fonts made the texts clear to read. It doesn’t use the much transitions and animation but it did not make the site look dull.

This website is a featured example and not created by Elementor Resources team.

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