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Expert Chats#3: Into Creating WordPress Addons – Master Addons

Expert Chats#3: Into Creating WordPress Addons – Master Addons

How did Master Addons start?

We’ve been Developing Premium WordPress Themes since 2013 for Themeforest. Page Builders are essentials for Theme Developers. We adopted Visual Composer for developing our Custom Shortcode blocks and bundled with our Themes. 

Later on, we understand that Customers did not like it because there are no actual visuals of editing. Every time I need to go backend for editing. Most of all it’s very heavy for page speed, loading unnecessary files. 

We tried other Page Builders like King Composer, Beaver Builder, Siteorigin Page Builder, etc. But never satisfied.

Lastly, we tried Elementor Page builder. We noticed it has more control and more features than Visual Composer, it has Live Preview( which is most important to us). 

In 2018, one of our Clients’ requirements was specific on Elementor. While Developing based on our design, some sections, and elements that can’t be designed via default Elementor, it needs Custom Elements to Develop. So we have started creating some Custom Elements and we’re fallen in love with flexibility on Development given by Elementor. 

We decided to create a handcrafted Addons pack. This is how Master Addons journey has been started.


Did you encounter roadblocks when Master add-ons were just starting?

From the beginning, I have been trying to get user Feedbacks. Trying to understand what they need, sometimes we’re amazed that Clients are more creative than ours! It feels us proud every time.

Every product has ups and downs. I’ve got a great team, together we faced every problem and made our solutions. We’re trying to do something great, people are accepting very well. We’re aiming for a great future.


How do you see the future of WordPress?

I have used different CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc. WordPress has an ecosystem, Developer friendly, a great community for help. The codex is helping beginner developers to create and customize Theme. 

It requires a minimum learning curve to realize how it works and creating Theme or Plugins for WordPress. I must say – WordPress is a CMS for creating any kind of Website from Simple to Complex.

Last few years, WordPress has changed dramatically. I believe Gutenberg will take all the place. We’ve Gutenberg Blocks collection plugin Easy Blocks.

WordPress isn’t just a CMS – it can be easily created any kind of custom application by using Rest API, React JS.


What’s your opinion on other Website building platforms like Webflow or Wix? Have you tried any of them?

Webflow and Wix have different use cases. Wix is for beginners and hassle-free users whereas Webflow for advanced users who know Development. Years ago, I was hired to create a website on Wix. I faced some complex situations to customize it like a client’s sketch. Also configuring performance and SEO stuff was a headache to me then. In my experience – WordPress VS Wix, I will recommend WordPress. 


What do you think is still missing on the WordPress ecosystem? Do you think there is still room for new technologies?

Honestly, I didn’t think something is missing in the WordPress ecosystem. WordPress has taken all the necessary steps that require technical aspects. It has a great Community, Supports, WordCamps, Local Events. The important part is no method or functions never deprecated instantly on the next update. I found this problem on Joomla and other CMS.

I’m not in a position to judge if something is missing on the WordPress ecosystem. Last 11 years, I’ve got everything that I need. If I didn’t find it then I’ve built one with any technology I’m used to.

Yes, there are a few rooms. Technology is changing rapidly. Earlier we just thought of creating a simple website, right now we’re creating Mobile Applications, SPA(Single Page Applications), PWA(Progressive Web Apps). 

The best technology ever taken was – REST API and including React JS. 

So, it’s obvious we’ll see something exciting on the Gutenberg Editor soon.


How does it feel when Master Addons is starting to gain an audience in the market?

It makes me proud that we’re creating values for our Customers. Master Addons has passed so many obstacles and challenges, it’s very mature now.

Customer Support is our top priority. We’ve got a great reputation for Supports. Who else does not want to see Happy Clients face?


What can we expect to Master Addons in the near future?

We’ve been working day and night for the last 1 year dedicatedly for this plugin. Our main goal was to create something solid, which we’ve achieved now.

We’ve built some Unique and very useful Extensions to customize section or element design. Main 3 features are –

  1. Custom CSS – Must have feature for every Web Designers
  2. Mega Menu – Anything can be built with Custom CSS and Mega Menu. Default features are – Sticky Menu, Fixed Menu, Smart hide Menu with built-in Mobile Menu.
  3. Transforms – using Transform sections can rotate any dimensions. Which is very useful for dynamic websites.
  4. Rich Template Library. We’ve our own pre-build Template Library. We’re adding templates, sections every day.

We’re working on some exciting features, we’ll announce them on a regular basis on our Blog. Right now, we’re working on a Template library by adding more Landing Pages and Sections. Maybe 20+ landing pages will be available soon. 


What is it like to develop a fully fleshed-out plugin like Master Addons?

We’re Developing WordPress plugins for some business needs or specific purpose of the solution. Mostly, We get ideas from our client’s needs like Master Addons. We try to understand the value of making solutions. Then we take the idea and flesh out a fully-featured plugin that can help thousands of users. We like to work on a freemium model, keep advanced features as premium plugins. Profile:

Themeforest Portfolio:


Kenoma Versoza

Kenoma is the project lead for WpBuilt and back when it was still ElementorResources. He was responsible for all SEO strategy and implementation and contributed a significant number of pages on the site.

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