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How to Create an Elementor Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

How to Make a WordPress

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How to Make a WordPress Website: Step-by-Step for Beginners

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Are you a freelance Web Developer looking for ways to create easy and fast professional-looking and top-quality websites? Or do you just want to make a wordpress website for your blog, school project, thesis, vlog, video game, book, business, company, or personal brand? This tutorial is definitely for YOU!

This complete beginners guide will show you in 4 easy steps on how to build a professional website from scratch using WordPress. It doesn’t matter if you have no coding experience or knowledge! Make a wordpress website from scratch is easier that you think and will only take an hour to complete!

Let’s build a website with Elementor now!


Domain / Hosting

We'll use SiteGround for this tutorial because they're really reliable when it comes on handling WordPress powered Websites!


Content management System are base software platforms that are used today topower most professional websites. Here we'll use WordPress.

Page Builder

No more programming or coding if you don't want it! Just Drag and Drop and your website is done. Here we'll use the Elementor Page Builder.

Your Time

And of Course, we will need your Time and attention! Within 1 hour, you'll have the website you've been waiting for!

Step 1

Our make a wordpress website from scratch journey will begin by creating a new account on SiteGround. It comes with a FREE domain or if you already have a registered account, we can use that instead.

Go to and choose the “Wordpress Hosting” option.
SiteGround’s Starter Plan will be enough for any type of website and just costs $3.95 per month. If you’re aiming to create more websites for your other businesses, friends or clients, you will need the Grow Big plan.
Type your preferred domain name and click “Proceed”.

Complete the account, client, payment and purchase information and hit “Pay Now”.

Select the Data Center (USA, Europe, or Singapore) that’s nearest to the geographical location of your target users to maximize server response time.

Don’t worry about security. HackAlert will notify you in the event your website gets hacked or corrupted with a malicious program. It’s not required, but for $12, it’s a good warning tool to have nonetheless.

You will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary links and information about your account once you completed the setup at SiteGround.

Step 2
As a Content Management System, WordPress is a really powerful software when it comes to website creation. It manages almost everything for you: pages, posts, links, and so much more!

Now that you’ve completed the first step, let’s continue the second step of our make a wordpress website from scratch journey!

Login your account on SiteGround and navigate through the “My Account” section and then click the button for “cPanel”.

Click the WordPress icon in the “Autoinstallers” section, “Install” and follow the instructions.

Fill in the required fields with the necessary information under the “Install” section. Always double check your input to prevent future issues.

You can now check your WordPress website by clicking the “” link or the ““ to access the back-end!

Now, log on your WordPress site.

Before moving on. You probably noticed that your website looks really bare bone. Did you realized that “make a wordpress website from scratch” is harder than you think? Well, that’s because we haven’t installed a “Theme” yet. Make a wordpress website from scratch is not to be taken literally you know!

Anyway, Elementor themes are essential to every WordPress site. WordPress already has a few default and ready to use themes but we’ll show anyway how to install a theme directly through the WordPress.

You can download any theme from any of the popular WordPress theme directory sites such as the official WordPress Theme Directory page and use the upload option. The file that you downloaded has to be in a “.zip” file format, so always double check!

Return to the “Dashboard” of your WordPress site and find the “Appearance” button at the left Side-bar. At the top, click “Add New”.

Go to Popular so you can see what theme most WordPress websites are using. Use the “upload theme” option to upload your zip file theme.
You can also use the search field if you have any theme preferences in mind. Just click any of the themes and hit “install”.
After the installation, click “Activate”.
You’re WordPress website is now ready for the next step!
Step 3

Elementer is a very powerful drag and drop WordPress Page Builder plugin that’s available for free. It currently has over 2,000,000 active installations on WordPress and active from over 900,000 users. Basically, elementor gives you how to make a WordPress website within one hour!

We’re now in the 3rd step of make a wordpress website from scratch journey! This third step is literally building a website from scratch through a wordpress plugin called Elementor, a wordpress page builder.

To install Elementor, click the “Plugins” option on the left Side-bar of your WordPress website. Click “Add New” and search Elementor on the search field. Installing it will just be clicking the “Install Now” button.

Installing Elementor is probably the easiest part of this tutorial so isn’t that cool? One of the coolest parts of your website creation is also the easiest one to set up!

If you’re a business owner or company leader, you probably should consider upgrading your Elementor to the Elementor Pro Version!

It’ll really give your website an edge when it comes to design, functionalities and overall aesthetics!
Step 4


Content is the reason why your visitors will ever visit your site. Without it, it’s better for your website to not exist at all! Let’s now make a wordpress website with Elementor.

You’ve basically built a website from scratch already. But it doesn’t look pretty, isn’t it? Well, make a wordpress website from scratch, like mentioned before, is not to be taken literally. Yes, we’re starting from scratch, but not the same building a website from scratch from 30 to 40 years ago.

Building a website from scratch also involves creating content.

Fortunately, through Elementor, we’ll be able to create “Posts” and “Pages” as easy as it was installing it!

Pages are website pages such as the Home, Contact Us and About. It’s where all of the most vital content regarding your website and your business or yourself will be located.

To create a Page, click the “Pages” button on the left Side-bar and click “Add New”.

Then click the “Edit with Elementor” option.
This is how Elementor’s “Visual Editor” should look like:

You’ve come this far!

This tutorial will have to end here. You’ve already finished a lot! Are you tired? Did you felt confused or pressured along the way? Building websites is not as easy as you probably expect. It has become easier over the years, thanks to WordPress and page builders like Elementor, but it doesn’t mean it’s truly “easy”. This is surely not a how to create a wordpress website in one hour type of tutorial, but certaily a much more realistic one. So…

This is only the beginning!

For the actual Website creation, we’ve already compiled a ton of video tutorials that will allow you to make WordPress pages with Elementor in no time!

You can also check our Elementor templates directory. We have quality templates here from all possible categories! Elementor templates will allow you to make websites faster and easier with competitive results!

And of course, you can check our huge collection of already successful and live websites built with Elementor. They might shed more light to the true beauty of the Elementor Page Builder!


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