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Leadlovers for Elementor


This WordPress plugin inserts a new integration option for forms created with Elementor Page Builder. With it you can add an action after submitting forms that sends the captured lead data to the leadlovers platform.

This plugin adds a new integration for forms built in Elementor Page Builder. With it you can add an action after submitting the form to send lead data into a machine on leadlovers.


  • Select a machine, funnel and sequence to send the new leads earned by your form in Elementor
  • Save lead data like name, email, phone, date of birth, city, state, gender and company in leadlovers;
  • Assign tags to captured leads;
  • And keep using all the other features already available in Elementor forms!

Note: This plugin is additional to Elementor Page Builder (https://wordpress.org/plugins/elementor/) and will only work with Elementor Page Builder Pro installed.


After installing the plugin, navigate to Plugins -> Installed Plugins and activate the “Leadlovers Elementor Integration” plugin. Once enabled, navigate to Elementor -> Settings -> Integrations. Find the Leadlovers section and fill in the API Key field with your personal token available in your leadlovers platform account settings. After saving your personal token, open your capture form with the Elementor edit panel and click on the “Actions After Submit” section and add the “Leadlovers” option. After adding the Leadlovers action, a new section called “Leadlovers” will be available in the Elementor edit panel. Make the form integration settings with Leadlovers through this section and you’re done!



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