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Smart Fonts for Elementor


Did you ever wanted to use a font for the website of your company that does not exist on Google Fonts or that is not available as default typography such as Arial or Times New Roman at all?

Would you like to incorporate beautiful handwritings into your website, for example to present a signature?

This is now possible with Smart Fonts for Elementor! Here you can automatically integrate your .ttf font (True Type Font) into your website with only one click. No coding skills required! Just upload your font and you can use the typography on the entire website.

In addition, we have integrated a feature that allows you to use these fonts in the Elementor Page Builder – which was never been possible before!

With our built-in free TrueType Converter service, it’s easy to convert any TrueType fonts (.ttf) into WebFont packages.

These work in any (modern) browser and on any device available. Our plugin generates the appropriate CSS definitions and files for you automatically so that you can start using your favourite fonts immediatly.

Our plugin comes with full Elementor support for your favorite fonts. Once you have uploaded your TTF file, it will automatically appear as a new font in the Elementor Font selection „Style“ » „Typography“. We have added our own group „Smart Fonts“ to the listing, so that you can find them better.

Our plugin generates a separate CSS file for each uploaded TrueType font. This file contains all the necessary information to insert your favorite font directly. In addition, a new CSS class with the name of the font will be added so you can easily display any text in your new font. This works everywhere on your website now!



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