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Super Socializer


SOCIAL LOGIN – Enables users to login to your website through their existing IDs on popular social networks.

SOCIAL SHARING – Enables users to share your website content over popular sharing networks resulting in increased user traffic.

SOCIAL COMMENTS – Enables users to comment on your website using their Social Media accounts.

USER PROFILE DATA – Every time a user logs in, plugin fetches profile data of the user and store that in your WordPress database.

SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOW ICONS – Redirect website visitors to your Social Media pages.

SINGLE SIGN-ON – Enable single sign-on in your WordPress multisite network


  • Rapid signup/login: When using Social network for login, users do not need to type anything (most of the users are already logged into their social accounts). It helps in boosting signup/login rate at your blog.
  • Profile Data: User’s profile data will be saved in your blog database. This data also includes users’ email, enabling you to communicate with them.
  • Spam Reduction: Because social networks authenticate individuals and generally don’t allow multiple accounts, the likelihood of false identities and spammers goes down.
  • Increased User Traffic: When users share content over their Social network, it shows up in front of more people which results in increased user traffic at your website.
  • SEO Optimization: Social sharing helps your website content get indexed faster and improves other factors that help in search engine optimization of your blog.
  • Virality: When people comment at your blog using their Facebook and Disqus accounts, the comment not only shows up at your blog, but it also appears in their news feed. This puts your blog in front of new audience which further adds to the likelihood of you getting a new returning visitor.
  • Higher Conversations: When you know the person commenting on something, it’s more likely that you will also type out your ideas there, unlike the situation when you don’t know the person involved in the conversation.
  • Credibility: In traditional comment form, anyone can put any fake name (Bruce Wayne ….. ;)) to comment on your blog. If the same comment is from the original Facebook account of the person who is commenting, you can give credibility to this user and also the people will automatically trust it.
  • No Spam: You can get rid off the spammers and users, commenting using their fake accounts.
  • Works for the lazy: Most people are nowadays lazy. To get these people commenting on your blog, it will just require them to login to their Facebook account (which almost everyone does after powering ON computer).
  • Better Customer Relationship: User profile data includes user’s personal information which can be used to foster customer relationships.
  • Updated and Genuine Data: As people update their (real) profile details on their Social network, you get updated and genuine data which is unlikely in case of traditional registration process.
  • Enhances Marketing Efforts: Social data can integrate with third-party platforms such as email marketing platforms, ad servers, recommendation engines, and more, to target the right users with the right messages which increases ROI (Return on Investment).

WHAT MAKES THIS PLUGIN DIFFERENT AND WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE THIS PLUGIN WHEN THERE ARE MANY OTHER SOCIAL PLUGINS? Free: Yea, right. It is a free plugin. You need not pay single penny to use the features of this plugin. No need to register anywhere: Unlike other third party Social plugins, you do not need to create an account at third party website. Absolutely Simple: Plugin configuration is kept dead simple. Screenshots are provided with options wherever required. Fresh Icon Themes: Fresh and trendy themes are used for Social Login and Sharing icons. Optimal Loading time: Loading time of Social Login and Sharing icons is optimal and if you compare with other plugins, you will find it less than that of all those plugins. We promise to provide best quality among other similar plugins. If you find our plugin is lacking some feature, you can email us and we will do our best to include that feature in our plugin as soon as possible. Our support team is working 24/7 to answer your queries and assist you. You will find us the quickest to respond.



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