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Press Elements


We all enjoy simple, intuitive and visually appealing sites. But in order to create stunning websites you need to use the right tools.Our goal is to give you uniquely and efficient experience to express yourself. Whether you are a designer seeking to create a breath taking effect, or a developer seeking to replacing the theme-functions with simpler Elementor drag-and-drop widgets, or even an implementer who needs to integrate WordPress plugins into Elementor.



  • WORDPRESS ELEMENTS – When you create a new post (or a page) on WordPress, you choose a title, write an excerpt, select a publish date, add an author, choose featured image, select several taxonomies and maybe you define some custom fields.
  • DYNAMIC CONTENT – Regular Elementor widgets save the data as hard-coded content in the database. To change something you need to open the page builder and manually change the element inside the builder. Updating post titles, excerpts, authors and other WordPress Element won’t affect the builder.
  • TEMPLATE DESIGN – When using page builders, you need to create all the page element for each page over and over again. Currently you can’t design single page templates and apply the design on the post. When you use the template system you need to manually change titles and images for each post/page.

With Press Elements you can create custom designs with post elements and save them as template. When you apply the template on other posts, it will inherit the data from the new post. No more manual updates!

You don’t need to hire developers to generate custom page templates – with Press Elements you can do it using a simple drag & drop interface! Now you can design different templates for different blog posts, pages and other Post Types. When creating new posts, load your predefined templates from your template library.

With Press Elements you can use Elementor widgets to display and design your post elements! Just like developers use theme-functions to generate themes. How cool is that?!


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