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Book Author

Book Author

This template requires the PRO version of Elementor. Also check this tutorial on how to import & use Elementor templates.

Are you a writer or author looking for a free author template for your website and books?

If so, then this is definitely for you! This free author template begins your website in a two-column banner, composed of a “quote” section where you can put a very interesting or favorite quote from any of your books to hook any wandering visitor, a CTA for purchasing your book, and an image section where you can put any image that you want. The About section below provides an aesthetic way for you to narrate your self to your dear readers! This free author template is definitely for you given the amount of conversion rate it can give you especially if you’re just a newbie writer!

This template requires the Elementor Pro version. Check discounts.


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  1. Pedro

    Why I am sign my account and I cant download it, holy god

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