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Tour Block

Tour Block

This template requires the PRO version of Elementor. Also check this tutorial on how to import & use Elementor templates.

Foster your travel plans by this premium Elementor template.

For those with a travel agency, this template is ideal because it is a low-cost way to list the properties. The template uses a full-width banner with images in a triangle form and overlays in a white background. Headline, short description and button place right-aligned. You can place your logo on the upper left corner. Followed by a section where you can site countries on the left side together with the number of places there and you can add photos on the right side.

Next to it is a section arranged in four columns and one row for you to showcase your recent best tour plans. Succeeding to the next section where clients can book. The next section provided to showcase the positive reviews from your clients. It increases credibility and overcome skepticism and there is also a button provided to read more testimonials. The color combination is limited; still, it makes the template appealing. A travel website’s most significant advantage is that it offers you the chance to present and sell tour packages from the platform.

This template requires the Elementor Pro version. Check discounts.


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    Not being sent anything, my guess it’s a scam of some sort, trying to get you to subscribe or selling your information. Don’t fall for it.

  2. Morphyn

    It’s sad that your site is misleading and not genuine. If you want us to subscribe – just tell us instead of making users go through hoops so you can send us a marketing email with a coupon to purchase content..

  3. SEBA


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