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Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Elementor in 2019

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Elementor in 2019

Currently, WordPress has 54,000+ plugins of various types, purposes and quality! It’s a really, really big number, especially if you’re just a beginner in WordPress development. Elementor is among those plugins, along with other page builders like Divi and Beaver Builder.

To be honest, you don’t really need to find any article or blog post in order to base your needs for WordPress plugins. Just directly go to the official popular WordPress plugins directory and you can right away intelligently guess the quality of each plugin based from their number of active installations, rating, and reviews. But I’m not saying WordPress plugins blogs and posts are obsolete or anything like that. I’m an avid blog reader, if it isn’t already obvious. All I’m saying is, there’s no harm in following your gut feeling.

Anyway, so similar to our recent Top 5 WordPress Themes post, we again performed a survey on 600,000+ Elementor websites. We used a tool called PublicWWW and searched each of those plugins in a plethora of results.

So here’s the result of our findings:

This ranking is pretty straightforward to interpret, right? Still, we want to give our thoughts as to why these WordPress plugins have this much installation from Elementor websites.

The Top 10 WordPress Plugins


Shortcodes Ultimate

Currently having 800,000+ on the WordPress repository, Shortcodes ultimate spot in this list has not come to no surprise. Not only it adds loads of features and made editing content significantly easier, shortcodes themselves work really well with Elementor, especially throught the Custom HTML widgets. The normal way of adding shortcodes is through manually writing its code on the theme functions file, which is not an easy task and can potential risk the site if not done by someone who knows what they’re doing. But in this plugin, you don’t have to do this dirty and dangerous task anymore.

Download Shortcodes Ultimate Now


All in One SEO

SEO is a must-have aspect if you want to don’t waste your website. And SEO is not easy and can include a wide variety of tasks that involve content strategy, development, research, among other stuff. So it’s not surprising that a large portion of Elementor websites use this as well.

Download All in One SEO Now



Unlike SEO, Email marketing on the other hand is not a must-have. However, if you want to convert those visitors and other traffic into something that will give value to your website, you will have to get their contact details, put them somewhere and send them emails in an automated fashion. And basically, that’s Mailchimp. Currently having 1,000,000+ in the WordPress repository, other than it’s Freemium, it’s incredibly user-friendly. It still has its own limitations but can be a good start.

Download Mailchimp Now



Following up our SEO craze, this plugin is essentially an add-on to that. Of course, you want to know the “analytics” or metrics of visits, bounces, sessions and clicks to your websites. MonsterInsights’ Google Analytics Plugin is one of the few plugins that will help you in that. Just connect your Google Analytics account and data will start streaming in for you to start making clever decisions to your site.

Download MonsterInsights Now


Cookie Notice

Due to the recent scandals involving user data, there has been an upward spike in concern for privatizing user data on their forms. Cookie Notice is a small but helpful plugin for that that basically just informs that user if they want the website to store cookies on their browser.

Download CookieNotice Now



Contact Forms by WPForms is a drag and drop WordPress Form Builder similar to Page Builders like Elementor but instead of a whole page, this plugin is focused primarily on contact forms. For its 2,000,000+ active installations, we can all agree that this WordPress plugin truly deserves its ranking here. I mean, no more coding with HTML forms, styling with CSS and maintaining with Javascript. WPForms handles it all for you!

So why are 8,200+ Elementor websites have installed this WordPress plugin?

Well it’s obvious, it fills up the “gap” Elementor left: the ability to create contact forms that same manner it can build web pages! WPForms essentially completes Elementor, closing up that “void” and making a website “whole”. Moreover, it’s drag and drop feature is surely really attractive amongst beginners that just want to build websites, students that has school projects on a deadline and business owners who lack appropriate knowledge in web development.

Download WPForms Now



Jetpack is a WordPress Plugin for site security, performance and management. Currently having 5,000,000+ active installations and 850+ 5 star ratings on, Jetpack is truly an amazing plugin. Not just on the numbers, though, but as well as for the niche in occupies in the WordPress web ecosystem.

So why is Jetpack installed to over 9,700 Elementor websites?

It’s because Jetpack is a really convenient and useful plugin. It can protect your site from brute force attacks and spamming, monitors your site during down times, creates site backups, supports two-factor authentication in logins and malware scanning. That’s just the security aspect, since it also helps with performance such as lazy image loading and elastic search, and site management like SEO tools and site analytics support. Similar to contact forms, a utility plugin like Jetpack is vital for the long-term performance of the site.

Download Jetpack Now



If you’re not familiar with Woocommerce, you must’ve at least heard it somewhere, right? If not, then from what planet are you from? Jokes aside, Woocommerce is basically an open-source e-commerce WordPress plugin. It makes the lives of business owners by providing the necessary frameworks and features needed in creating and managing e-commerce websites. These include creating product, cart and checkout pages, payment methods such as credit cards, automated tax calculations and Google Analaytics, Mailchimp and Facebook intergration.

So why over 18,600 Elementor websites installed Woocommerce?

Well, actually, those 18,600+ websites are probably all e-commerce websites and online shops. There isn’t much to explain. E-commerce is the most recent technology upgrade that improves your convenience by allowing you to buy gadgets, clothing, accessories and even pets with just a few clicks and have it delivered directly on your doorstep the next day. So we can safely say that at least more than 14% of Elementor websites are e-commerce sites that will probably grow more as time goes by.

Download WooCommerce Now


Contact Form 7

Unlike WPForms, Contact Form 7 is a much more simple, but nevertheless a WordPress plugin filling up that “contact form” gap in page builders like Elementor. However, Contact Form 7 won in terms of numbers. Having 5,000,000+ active installations and currently active to over 25,000 Elementor websites, Contact Form 7 appears to be superior and more popular than it’s next competitor.

So why is Contact Form 7 more popular?

It’s probably due to simplicity. Instead of having the developer or designer to visually create the contact forms, Contact Form 7 allows you to create forms anywhere through the use of shortcodes. It’s a lot more versatile and easy to work around, since it’s a lot more convenient to just modify the CSS or Javascript of a shortcode-created HTML than have it created by a builder. Still, it’s just a matter of purpose and perspective. But in this case, majority wanted Contact Form 7.


Yoast SEO

So, Yoast SEO is our dominator. Who could’ve knew? If you’re not familiar with Yoast, it’s an all-in-one SEO plugin for WordPress. Yoast makes your SEO troubles easier by automatically creating XML sitemaps, set canonical URLs to avoid penalties, meta title and description templating, content analysis, snippet previews and cornerstone content features. Basically most of on-page SEO work are handled and managed by Yoast.

So, why is Yoast SEO the most popular plugin?

It’s because of SEO itself! Businesses and people create websites because they want to be known from the Internet. And if you’re website is not optimized for search engines like Google, you simply don’t exist to them. You can now know how important SEO is. Without it, there’s a really great chance you’re website is next to useless and just a waste of effort and resources. But SEO isn’t an easy job, even for CMSs like WordPress. There’s still a lot of stuff to consider and think about, such as keyword optimization and site structure. That’s where Yoast SEO comes into place. It makes the process of SEO in WordPress easier. Who would refuse such opportunity?


Just like WordPress themes, plugins are also very important for your site. But unlike themes, plugins extends the functionalities, features and capacity of WordPress itself. So choosing the right plugin for your needs will definitely benefit not just your website, but even you!

Thanks for making this far! 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and find it useful! What’s your opinion to each of these WordPress plugins’ getting this install counts from Elementor websites? Where’s Akismet? Where’s All in One SEO Pack?

Should we make another Top 5 WordPress Plugins Used by Elementor websites article but for top 6 to 10? Please let us know in the comments section! Thanks for reading! 🙂

Kenoma Versoza

Kenoma is the project lead for WpBuilt and back when it was still ElementorResources. He was responsible for all SEO strategy and implementation and contributed a significant number of pages on the site.

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