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Creating Dynamic Slider Using Anywhere Elementor Pro

Creating Dynamic Slider Using Anywhere Elementor Pro

  • Sophia Achamoth
  • April 3, 2019

Sliders never cease to amaze me. They can be used for plain texts, images, videos or even testimonials (a recent trend, by the way). But have you ever considered of creating a slider that dynamically shows your posts or even custom post types? Back in the earlier days of WordPress, you need to be a well-versed back-end developer to achieve this, either through coding with PHP and Javascript. Now, with the help of Anywhere Elementor, you can create a dynamic slider by following the few steps indicated below.

NOTE: This tutorial requires the Anywhere Elementor Pro, an extension plugin for Elementor which expands the widget of Elementor that proves to be really useful especially on the back-end side of development.

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Setting up the Template:

1. Create a basic post to display contents.

2.Create a temple through the Anywhere Elementor Pro plugin.

3. Make sure all the settings focused below are correct.

4.Once the settings are configured, publish the template and click the Edit with Elementor button.

5. Search ‘AE’ on the search bar to show elements of Anywhere Elementor.

6. Below are the customizable elements available using Anywhere Elementor Pro.

Adding the Slider to the page

1. On the selected page, find the element AE-Post Blocks and add it into the section.

2. Since we are working on a post, select the Posts option on the Source dropdown within the Query section. Remember that this is also applicable for Custom Post types.

3. On the Block Layout, choose the template we created.

4. Under Layout setting, choose carousel on Layout mode. Play around with the settings and style until you’re satisfied.

Congratulations on creating a Dynamic Slider! The same procedure above can be used to make image, video or even testimonial sliders so don’t be afraid to experiment. Of course, don’t overdo it and also think twice when updating your page, as you never know when will something go wrong once it’s already wrong! Good luck making Dynamic Sliders!

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    my elementor slide is luck i can not use it how can i fix it

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