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Global Section without using any Plugin

Global Section without using any Plugin

Still waiting for a Global Section on Elementor, but when you try to search the internet for possible solutions you can’t find any?

I’m using Elementor, and I found out that there is no Global Section, just a global widget. So when I try to build a section and need it on all pages of the site, I just save the section to the template then place it wherever I want it. When alteration is needed, I need to update them one by one. It’s hard to edit the sections that way, so I studied a trick on how to make a global section on Elementor.

The global widget for the Elementor Pro only saves a global widget, not a section. If you’re having a hard dropping the global widget one by one when recreating sections, why not save the section as a global one without any plugin involved?

Follow the steps I created and feel free to apply them to your site.
Let’s start on building a Global Section for Elementor

1. On your WordPress Dashboard go to Elementor > My Templates, then create new Template for the Global section.

2. Click on the Add New button to create new template.

3. Once you create the new template for your Global section you can now edit it using Elementor.

4. Create a design you want for the global section or if you have already created the section just save this into the Template then used it as a global section.

5. There are two options you can be used for the template

– Template:


– Shortcode


a. For the Template widget, choose the template you created then set it to the widget. It will display the template on the page.

b. For the Short code, you need to copy the short code for the Global section you created then place it to the short code widget.

Now you are ready to implement the Global section on the site.


1. If you already created a section and you want it to populate the whole site then just save the section to Template then use it as a Global section.
Replace the previous section that you created with the Global section so when there will be a one-alteration process only once you update one of the section. Meaning, edit once and all section will be updated.

2. If you want to update the section just go to Elementor > My templates then look for the template you used for the global section, and it will update on the entire site.

Thanks! 🙂

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  1. Fab

    This is not global. It won’t update everywhere it’s used.

  2. Paul

    Hi ! It appears so easy to do when I read the procedure. It gets complicated when I try to follow the steps in my own WP Dashboard. The Elementor menu does not show Template. If I compare the English menu in this procedure to my French one, everything else seems OK but no Template. I made sure I was running the latest WP version and verified all other updates. All is done. Do you have an idea why Template is not there in the Elementor Menu ?

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