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How to Create Custom Icons in Elementor

How to Create Custom Icons in Elementor

Incorporating icons to your web design does not only add style but also make your content easier to understand and make your site easy to navigate. Icons break a wall of text which is a big help in communicating with more words and lesser space.

There are thousands of icons out there that you would like to use in your Elementor-built website. Here’s how:
Step 1
Install the Custom Icons for Elementor plugin.

Step 2
Go to your dashboard and select Elementor > Custom Icons.

The custom icons page look like this:

Step 3
After the plugin was installed, visit Fontello website and choose icons you prefer.

Step 4
Rename the icons and download it.

Step 5
Now that you already downloaded your icons. Let’s go back to your dashboard.

Downloaded file:

Step 6
Browse the icon file you downloaded or simply drag & drop the file on the box.

Step 7
Next, go to the page you want to place the icons and use the Elementor editor.

Step 8
Search the icon widget and put to the section.

Step 9
Check the Edit Icon content settings > Select icon you have imported earlier.

Yes, as simple as that!

Another thing: You can visit Flaticon for different icons. Just download the icons on Flaticon and import it to Fontello.


Follow the steps above and your custom icons are on track!

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  1. Chris

    Can you add custom icons from other sources besides fontello, and if so, how do you do that?

  2. Freshes_ Faultier

    How I can add custom Social Media Icons ?

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