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How to Create Dynamic Posts in Elementor

How to Create Dynamic Posts in Elementor

Dynamic content are everywhere. It’s a web feature that can’t be avoided, especially if you’re dealing with an eCommerce or blog website. Like most other builders, Elementor also allows you to create pages with dynamic content. Simply follow this tutorial and you’ll be able to do it in no time. 

Step 1:  On the Dashboard, hover on templates and go to saved templates. 

Dynamic Single Post Content2

Step 2: At the Upper part selects the Add new Button.

Dynamic Single Post Content1

Step 3:  When the Pop Up appears, choose the Single template type and select the post type you wanted to have a dynamic single page.

Dynamic Single Post Content8

In this case, I selected the Single Post type.

Dynamic Single Post Content7

Step 4:  After creating a template a template library will show just ignore it and closes the pop-up. On the Page Builder, you will notice that the Single Widgets will appear at the upper part of the Elementor widgets.

Dynamic Single Post Content6

Step 5: Just like creating a page you will start to Add Section and select column structure. To make things shorter, just drag these widgets that are needed to make a single post content.

  • Featured Image
  • Post Content 
  • Post Comments

Dynamic Single Post Content3

Now. all your Single Post Content will have a style like this 🙂 

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