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How to Create Template using Elementor Widget

How to Create Template using Elementor Widget

Elementor Theme Builder allows you to create your own WordPress template from scratch without any coding skills! No need to get your hands dirty playing with source code. In this tutorial, we will show every steps on how to do it, so you can design your own websites with ease. This tutorial is for single post only but you can use it for pages, custom post, etc.

NOTE: The requirements for this tutorial is a Pro version of the plugin.

1. On your WordPress dashboard look for the “Template” then click on “Theme Builder”.

2. Create one template and rename it whatever you want. You need to set the condition where you want the template to be used.

Example: Post or other Post types.

3. Here is the design of the template to be converted without using any custom CSS.

4. On the design, there is an image on the top of the content and we’re going to use a Featured image for that one. On the widget area search for “Image” then look on the “Dynamic” click on the icon and it will show an option on what image you’re going to use, in this case, we’re going to used Featured image.

5. And for the title, we can use a “Heading” widget but with a twist. Heading title is usually used for a static heading but in times goes by Elementor update the plugin which they include “Dynamic” and you can set Post title on it.

6. As you can see at the image attached I used “Heading” widget and it has an additional heading at the left side. I used the “Before” setting of the heading to make the heading dynamic and it will change in every post page you visit.

7. Once the template is totally finished save the template with a conditional like what we have on the first steps on creating a template.


How easy was that? If you have any questions about the steps presented here, don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂

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