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How to Customize Site Defaults in Elementor

How to Customize Site Defaults in Elementor

Before heading towards the Elementor Builder and creating  awesome pages/ templates, first comes the site defaults. Site defaults includes your site name, tag-line, logo, favicon, etc. In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you where you can edit your site defaults in Elementor.  

1. Login to Dashboard > Theme Panel.

2. Elementor provides a way for users to easily customize their websites. In that menu, you can see the Getting Started column.

a. Upload your Logo

b. Upload a Favicon

c. Set  a Primary Color

d. Choose a Typography

e. Top Bar Options

f. Header Options

g. Footer Widgets Options

h. Footer Bottom Options

These options will change the default global settings of your site. No worries though, because you can still change these settings  as you work on your pages. Simple and fast right? 🙂

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  1. Alexandre Dumas de Rauly

    From what I understand theses settings aren’t part of Elementor but the theme panel is a feature of Ocean WP. This article is misleading.

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