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How to Fix Elementor Stuck on Loading Screen Issue

How to Fix Elementor Stuck on Loading Screen Issue

  • Sophia Achamoth
  • April 10, 2019

One of the most commonly known issues of every Page Builder is what they call the “white screen of death”. No one can resist the frustration once a page gets “stuck in a loading screen” and all that is left is a blank page. What’s more frustrating is that there are a lot more reasons why this happens, which doesn’t make it any less tedious to troubleshoot.

Following are a few solutions to resolve this issue.

1. Our initial suggestion is to simply clear your browser or test it on a new incognito (or private) window.

2. Try also changing your WP theme because there are some that are not compatible with Elementor. Astra or OceanWP is few of the best themes that are compatible with it.

3. Sometimes, you’ll get this “stuck on loading screen” issue on a page due to a resulting conflict from an add-on or extension installed on your browser. In this case, you can switch to any other browser you prefer, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera or Google Chrome.

4. If none of the solutions suggested above worked, continue reading this Elementor tutorial by using the option “Switch Front-end Editor Loader Method”.

Step 1: On your Dashboard look for Elementor > Settings.

Step 2: Under Settings, there are the options: General, Style, Integrations and Advanced settings. Go and click “Advanced”.

Step 3: Under the Advanced settings,  look for “Switch Editor Loader Method” and then enable it by toggling it to “Enable”.

Step 4: Then click “Save Changes”. Check Elementor if the issue has already been solved.


Step 5. If you encountered a issue saying “the preview cannot be loaded”, maybe there’s is a problem with the compatibility of themes you are using within Elementor.


So, I suggest you to look for the Top 10 Best Themes for the Elementor Page Builder that surely have compatibility on Elementor Builder. You can choose any of these theme but I’m currently using OceanWP Child that works just perfectly fine.

Step 6. There is another option to fix Elementor “stuck on loading screen” if maybe there’s a conflict with another plugin installed within the theme.

In this case, try disabling each plugin installed on your WordPress site to figure out which one is causing the issue.

Step 1: To do this, go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins

Step 2: Here are all plugins that I installed to my wordpress. As you can see, I checked all my plugins EXCEPT Elementor Pro. I’ll then “deactivate” it and click “apply”.

Note: Check if the issue has been solved. If it’s not, you can return those plugins to “activate” and repeat this procedure to the next plugin.

Although there are a lot of steps to follow in this tutorial you can often just try the first suggested solution and it’s likely that it’ll be fixed.

I hope this helps! Happy troubleshooting!? 🙂

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  1. DraftPublish

    Yay… Great content! You’re really saving people’s time with this helpful content. We have been also stuck with Elementor a lot of times, later realized it was a plugin conflict causing this error. Nice work, Sophia!

    Team DraftPublish

  2. Tera

    I cannot get Elementor to load. I have tried EVERYTHING in all articles i have read. nothing is working!!

    Here are two errors I am getting:
    Notice: Undefined index: requires in /data/40/5/26/108/5678760/user/6782101/htdocs/mtsrestore/wp-content/plugins/elementor-pro/license/updater.php on line 75

    Notice: Undefined index: new_version in /data/40/5/26/108/5678760/user/6782101/htdocs/mtsrestore/wp-content/plugins/elementor-pro/license/updater.php on line 79

    Any suggestions!!

  3. Marcus

    For me it started working after changing browser. For some reason my Chrome just gave up on Elementor. Works fine in Firefox, Edge, etc. Before testing this I spent hours trying various solutions. I did not think the problem was local on my PC. I think this article is the only one suggesting to try new browser. So thanks for that

  4. nijat

    my site is now ok!! thanks for this information!!!

  5. asiaj

    In my case deactivating of a Hummingbird plugin solved this problem with the stuck on loading screen. (I am using Elementor with Sydney theme)

  6. jones

    hello there.i have been working on elementor for long ago.but i have some issue while loading the its not loading without showing any to fix it?

  7. Rick

    I have issue in popup template Elementor not loading I tried to deactivate all plugins but the issue is still on please help.

  8. John Cena

    While clicking on Add New Element button, I’m getting white screen on “Master Addons for Elementor” plugin. I’ve seen they’ve great Template library but I can’t access for this white screen problem.
    Do you know any kind of solutions?

  9. zefro

    were you able to solve this?

  10. Amelia

    Hello I have an issue while loading the site and when I try to edit it’s showing the loading issue and stuck there how can I solve this problem thanks

  11. Ugyen Tshering

    I have host website using Ocean WP but…elementor cannot load…..

  12. mohammad

    Hi What do I do when displaying a menu in Elementor under the submenu that opens below the icons and does not display under the menu at all?

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