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How to Make Fixed Parallax Backgrounds in Elementor

  • Kenoma
  • March 27, 2022

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  1. Mark

    Thats an Elementer issue from year 2019. Still not fixed.

  2. Fab

    I don’t have the attachment section ! Where is it ? I’m an Elementor Pro user…

  3. Ed

    @Tim. I have the same issue in my Android phone, it zoom in and out when scrolling up and down.
    I still have no idea on how to fix it.

  4. Mary

    Y’all are awesome, thank you!

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  6. Tim

    I got it working by adding a css class to my section in the advanced tab. I added “bgfixed” and my css looks like this:

    .bgfixed {
    background-size: cover;
    background-attachment: fixed!important;

    It works but there’s some weird mini zooming going on in my android phone when I scroll so use at own risk lol.

  7. Peter

    Is this attachment section only in Pro version, cause I can’t find it?

  8. Frederik Drost

    No answer regarding mobile issues? I heard it’s disabled on IOS devices and some android because it was causin issues 🙂

  9. Alex

    Still not working on mobile devices. EVEN ON PRO!

  10. Barak

    but this one is not working on mobile or on Ipad pro

  11. Ann

    Same for me as well. It works while I’m in Elementor mode, but it doesn’t work when I’m viewing my website.

  12. Samira

    It´s not working on my mobile devices : ( What can I do to make it responsive?

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