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PublicWWW Source Code Search Engine for Finding Website Examples

PublicWWW Source Code Search Engine for Finding Website Examples

  • Kenoma Versoza
  • May 1, 2019

Sometimes we get emails and private messages as to how we find our examples of websites built with Elementor entries that we use to most of our Elementor blog posts.

Well, they’re really easy to find if you have the right tools, and have the right strategy.

But initially, our first instinct was just to browse the Google Search results for random keywords and hope to stumble upon beautifully designed Elementor websites. It’s a slow and costly process but it’s better than nothing. Sometimes we use the Elementor examples that were submitted in our Submit Your Website page, depending on a variety of quality-oriented factors, of course. Other times, we use the websites that people post on Facebook groups such as our own Facebook group, Elementor Resources.

It’s indeed a very slow process but we used this strategy for quite some time.

And then, a sudden thought hit us like a truck!

“What if we could search websites by their source code?”

Who would’ve expected that that exact question had an exact answer in Google!

A Google search as simple as “how to find websites” will lead you to a number of valuable answers!

So, let us introduce you now to PublicWWW, the free Source Code Search Engine!

There are other ones but this is the only free.

So, how do we actually find websites?

You can use the PublicWWW Source Code Search Engine not just to find Elementor websites, but also websites that uses Divi or Beaver Builder, websites that uses specific WordPress themes like Astra or Phlox, and even websites that uses the same Google Analytics tracking code. You can basically find any type of websites! There’s even a video about using PublicWWW for SEO purposes.The potential is endless!

Finding websites is relatively easy, but it slowly gets complicated the more specific your search becomes.

We’ll now show you how to find websites using the PublicWWW Source Code Search Engine!

First, let’s find Elementor websites.

Type this query on the search bar of the PublicWWW Source Code Search Engine:


Every Elementor site has to have this class so we’ll try this first.

As you can, in just about five seconds, PublicWWW already gave 950k websites! That’ll probably take us a century to analyze considering our manpower. But of course, we should take this first lightly. If we check the very first search result and find the keyword “elementor” on its “View Source” code…

Well, it’s obvious. This isn’t an Elementor website. It just happens to have the keyword “elementor-default” on it’s body class. Our ideal result count for the word elementor once we check a website is at least above 200 and ideally over 500.

Let’s refine our search query. Type this to the Source Code Search Engine:

“elementor-default” “elementor-page” “elementor-container”

We added two new terms to further refine our search results. Now, try searching it on PublicWWW.

The total results are definitely a lot less, about a half, but the “website snippets” seems a lot more promising. Let’s validate our first search result utilizing the CTRL+U feature of our Google Chrome browser.

Uh.. it’s better than our first check, but not that a good find, to be honest. Let’s try our second search result.

Now we’re talking!

This website has to be an Elementor website, right? I mean, duh…

It’s really easy to use this tool, but it just really depends on your understanding on how this tool works.

Now let’s try to find Divi websites. Try this query on PublicWWW:

“et_divi_theme” “@divi-module”

We’re not particularly sure why the results for Divi is a lot less than Elementor but we’re assuming we’re just failing to use the right queries. If you know a better query for this, let us know in the comments section. 🙂

But for now, let’s check our first Divi result.

As you can see, our first result is indeed a Divi built website!

You can use this same procedure if you want to find other websites for other page builders but for now, let’s move on.

Now, let’s find specific WordPress websites that uses a specific theme.

This one is really easy as you just have to use this query:

“/wp-content/themes/[theme name]”

If it isn’t obvious here in our search results page for WordPress websites that uses the Astra theme, Astra users are also a lot!

You know the drill now, let’s validated our first result…

From this we can safely say that this is indeed an Astra themed WordPress website!

Let’s wrap this up! 🙂

You now know how this tool works! Just always be reminded that you need to:

  1. Know your query
  2. Validate the results

Those two are really important in order to ensure that you get accurate and quality results from this site. The “how to find websites” part can be easy, but what you find can be misleading, counter-intuitive or irrelevant, so be careful!

Anyway, this is how easily we find Elementor websites here at Elementor Resources. We use this tool called PublicWWW Source Code Search Engine but we never forget to check if a website satisfies first our qualifications before posting them anywhere.

For us, the possibilities for this tool is endless!

You can use this to find:

  1. Elementor websites that uses the Astra theme
  2. Demo pages for Elementor templates
  3. Elementor websites for specific plugins and add-ons
  4. Elementor websites that uses a specific color scheme

When it comes to PublicWWW, it just a matter of creativity and strategy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this how to find websites article. We know this is really different from what we usually write here at Elementor Resources but we can’t deny that this is a very useful resource to know as well. There are of course PublicWWW alternatives you can find, but we highly really recommend using PublicWWW mainly because it’s free, straightforward, and versatile!

If we miss anything, or have taken something the wrong way, let us know in the comments section. Thank you for reading and see you soon! 🙂

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