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Using Elementor Gradient Text Widget

Using Elementor Gradient Text Widget

Since we love Elementor so much, we figured we should give “Elementor Plugin development” a try. After a month of research, trial and error and head-scratching, we’re proud to introduce Elementor Gradient: Our second MIT Licensed Open Source Elementor plugin!

Elementor Gradient Text3

Don’t worry, using this elementor gradient text plugin won’t be as hard as making it! (and making it isn’t even hard, thank god!)

Before anything else, download the ZIP file of this plugin first on our GitHub repository:


Download on GitHub

Downloading the file should be as simple as most WordPress plugin installation processes! What’s important is you got the necessary file…


…or search “Gradient for Elementor” to directly install our elementor gradient widget plugin on your website with relative ease!

downloadelmenetorgradient on wordpres

Download on WordPress

Enough exposition! Let’s start!

Step 0: After downloading the plugin, upload and activate the plugin.


Step 1: First, like the 1000+ tutorials on this website, let’s create a new section:

How to Create Icon Only Buttons5

Step 2: Choose the column structure that you want.

Step 3: On your WordPress page, from the widget panel search for the “Gradient Text” widget and drag it on the column.

Elementor Gradient Text1

Step 4: On the Gradient Text widget click on the “Color Settings” and choose your desired color combination for your gradient text.

Elementor Gradient Text2

Step 5: Now put some color on the text!

Elementor Gradient Text4

Step 6: You can control the direction of the gradient using the location. Then set the gradient type if you want it to be a radial or linear. The last option on the widget is the angle where you can set the angle of your gradient color.

Elementor Gradient Text5

Isn’t this elementor plugin neat??

Elementor Gradient Text3

Let us know what you think on the comment section below. What should be our next Community Elementor Plugin?

Thanks for Reaching This Far! 🙂

I hope we were able to help you with this tutorial! You can also try to install the Elementor Pro Version and get access to more Elementor templates for free!

Get Elementor Pro Now

If you have more concerns or have encountered other issues, let us know in the comments section!

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