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Elementor Plugins

  • UNLIMITED ELEMENTS  A library of unique 800+ Elementor Widgets that add more functionality and flexibility to your favorite page builder.
  • Widget Options:  Easily manage visibility for either logged-in or logged-out users. Show or hide any WordPress widgets, Beaver Builder modules, and Elementor widgets using ACF field & conditions like Equal, Equal To, Not Equal To, Contains, Does Not Contain, Is Empty, Is Not Empty.
  • Jetelements: You will be surprised how easy it is to work with JetElements! We created this plugin to use it for ourselves, so it absorbed all our vast knowledge of creating high-quality websites!
  • AnyWhere Elementor – WebTechStreet: Allows you to insert elementor pages,library templates and global templates anywhere using shortcodes. Now create global elementor sections. Change at one place and reflect everywhere.
  • Ultimate Addons: You get a huge collection of creative Elementor widgets that support all your design needs with various customizations and combinations to build a beautiful and intuitive website.
  • Power Pack Addons: Takes Elementor to next level with a new set of creative widgets and a whole new range of design possibilities for your websites.
  • Void Themes – Contact Form: Adds new element/widget to Elementor Page Builder which helps you to easily drag and drop contact form 7 forms from a drop-down list.
  • Element Pack: Includes the most commonly used elements (called widgets) easily manage your website content by simply using the drag and drop ability multilingual ready, including 15+ languages and compatible with latest WPML plugin.
  • Elementor Addon Elements: Add many more useful widgets and features to Elementor Page Builder
  • Elementor Addons: Plain looking elements forcing you to customize endlessly to achieve desired look and elegant styles with each addon for you to pick and choose, styles that don’t require extensive customization.
  • Elementor Addons & Templates – Sizzify Lite: Adds new Addons & Widgets that are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Elementor Page Builder.
  • Tortoise it: Stores contact form submissions from the Elementor Form Module in a handy interface on the back end of WP.
  • Nomogo: Seriously useful widgets & extensions for Elementor, your new favourite WordPress page builder.
  • header footer Elementor – Brainstorm force: Create attractive pages and templates that can be displayed as a Header or Footer.and let you use a fully customized header or footer across the website.
  • Hotel Booking – Motopress: Provide you with a more user-friendly toolkit for building your property rental website visually with significantly speed up the process of editing your renting property website, providing more seamless editing experience for non-tech people.
  • Livemesh: Comes with widgets for just about everything you need to build a professional website without switching to a premium theme – services, team profiles, counters, bar charts, piecharts, testimonials, clients list, portfolio/posts grid, posts carousels, pricing plan and much more in the PRO version.
  • Responsive Tablet – Nicolas Andre: It gives breakpoint control for tablet like elementor already do it for smartphone.
  • NavMenu Addon – themeisle: Custom WordPress navmenu specifically designed for the Elementor Page Builder with Site Branding options, search box, basic MegaMenu and Fullscreen Menu Overlay.
  • Pinterest – Wp-plugins: This plugin adds a smart widget to Elementor. It allows you to displays thumbnails from your latest Pinterest pins and can even customize the link text below the pins and choose whether to open the links in a new window.
  • Popbox – Zulfikar Nore: allows the creation of beautiful templates with Elementor Page Builder for use with the included Popbox overlay script.Simply select one of the PopBox content created via the CPT to be shown when the trigger button is clicked.
  • Widgets – Press Element : Give you uniquely and efficient powerful Elementor widgets organized in four categories.
  • Stylepress – Dtbaker: Design your entire website without a theme. Easily apply a Style to every page of your site automatically using the drag and drop editor.
  • Table – WpDevHQ: Create Feature rich tables and customize them right inside the page builder.
  • Twitter Card Meta – Wpdeveloper: Increase your Twitter visibility & Brand value and it has per post image selection, description, provide automatic setup for existing and future post.
  • Post Grid Addon – Void Coders: Adds new element / widget to Elementor Page Builder which helps you to showcase your blog posts, custom post type with custom taxonomy in five different styles.
  • WooRocks Magic Content – Andreas: Allows you to take control of your website’s content by restricting access to sections to logged in users, specific user roles or to logged out users.