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Why Become an Elementor Expert?

Why Become an Elementor Expert?

About a month ago, the Elementor Experts program dropped, and I think their Experts program is a genius idea! Let’s breakdown on how you can join the official Elementor Experts program!

The most important criterion for becoming an Elementor Expert is to be an Elementor Pro subscriber.

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After that, it’ll be pretty much straight forward to join.

On your Elementor Dashboard, the “Experts” button can be seen, which will direct you to the true Elementor Experts address.

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Upon visiting the page, if you want to apply to the Elementor Experts program, just click the “Become an Expert” button. Doing so will prompt a series of pages that should be straightforward for anyone.

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Now, let’s explore the actual Elementor Experts program!

So, what are Elementor Experts?

According to Ben Pines, Elementor Experts is “ your go-to place to find, hire, and collaborate with fellow Elementor professionals.”

In a lot of ways, it similar to the Designers program of Webflow, but we’ll get into the more later.

Elementor Experts are superficially just a directory of Elementor professionals showcasing their projects.

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What separates Elementor Experts from the typical freelancer directory is that you don’t get to “directly” show your skills. Instead, you upload projects and additional information on them, such as the type of stuff you did for that project. This in turn automatically generates your “skillset” based on the information aggregated from all of your uploaded projects. This is shown as the circles on your profile picture.

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You can still search for specific people, studios or skillets if you want, but there’s the option to just “filter” the main results page according to your needs and preference.

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How would Elementor Experts help you then?

Here’s a comment I found from Product Hunt:

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At the moment, the popularity of the Elementor Experts as an absolute go-to website for various experts isn’t an overnight thing. It’ll take time. But I humbly suggest you join their Experts program while it’s still young since Elementor will definitely keep growing and growing, and so does business opportunities and career!

Kenoma Versoza

Kenoma is the project lead for WpBuilt and back when it was still ElementorResources. He was responsible for all SEO strategy and implementation and contributed a significant number of pages on the site.

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