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WordPress Color Fuel: Colors.lol

WordPress Color Fuel: Colors.lol

I recently encountered a very interesting website from a reddit post. It’s a website called: colors.lol

Let’s check dive into this hidden new gem on the internet!

Here’s the only content of the About page:


I’m not sure about you, but this is so dope and can be good WordPress color fuel for your website. Especially nowadays where there’s so much content out there that it’s hard to make something “visually” unique that will make your visitor feel something “familiar”. Does that make sense?

Let me do some WordPress color fuel dive:


Blush & Grey

Wordpress Color Blog Post

This wordpress color scheme can be used for wordpress fashion or cosmetic websites, primary because the color blush is often a lipstick color. You can probably use the grey as a secondary color to make the color blush a lot more vibrant. It could look something like this:

Wordpress Color Blog Post5


Dark & Blue

Wordpress Color Blog Post4

WordPress colors tend to have a sense of coherence and often use two contrasting colors. However, it’s never an absolute rule. Check out this website that uses deep WordPress colors that don’t contrast at all:

Wordpress Color Blog Post7


Egg Blue

Wordpress Color Blog Post2

I don’t really have any example website for this WordPress color fuel, but I didn’t also include it to the number 3 spot of because of their overly descriptive palette names. *laughs

Jokes aside, I think these WordPress color fuel can be a good personal WordPress website color scheme, maybe for a self-published author of horror novels.

Anyway, I don’t intend to talk to all of these WordPress color fuel from colors.lol (of course!). I just wanted to site some good examples to pique your interest.

I think what separates these WordPress color fuel from your typical color scheme generator like Coolors.co is that they really work, and you don’t have to do experimentation to test them.

PS: I didn’t make this blog because I think WordPress colors affect SEO at all, but you can guess!

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