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Boardwalk Realty


Boardwalk Realty

Boardwalk Realty is a boutique real estate group focused on the residential and vacation home market in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A full-length photo banner on parallax is the first thing that will welcome you to the site. Below are three divided contents that do an upper transition when hovered.

Below are contents that are placed alternate from one side to another. Animated counters can be seen in the pages of this site. On the Location age, has a video and accordion placed alternate from one side to another. The accordion made the contents of the page well-organized.

Dark Slate Gray and Dark Khaki are the color choices of the site. It uses good and smooth parallax and transitions. Texts can be read easily because of its good choice of simple san serif fonts.

This website is a featured example and not created by Elementor Resources team.

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