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Creative Biz Wiz


Creative Biz Wiz

Creative Biz Wiz is an internet company that offers online marketing and web design. A colorful wavy banner is the first thing that will welcome you on the site. There are three blurbs below the banner that uses simple icons. Contents of the Portfolio section are divided into three columns and placed in a parallax background. It changes its color into an Indian Red hen hovered.

People’s testimonials on the homepage are placed in a sliding section. Each page of the site has the same colorful and wavy banner. Contents of the submenus of Portfolio are equally divided and has a proper alignment.

The well-chosen colors are the same as the colors of the logo. It uses beautiful pastel colors. The good use of serif font and font color gives the site elegance.

This website is a featured example and not created by Elementor Resources team.

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