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Global Ranked

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Global Ranked

Global Ranked is an online fact-based scientific ranking of the Global 100 influencers and authorities in their fields. The homepage have a minimalist look to it. Other menus of the site can be seen before the footer.

Three blurbs can be seen on the homepage that has buttons that change its color from Nero to Sunglow when hovered. The Vote and Nominate page has its textbox well-aligned and are properly proportioned . Global has submenus that have the same layout and placement of elements. Texts on the left side of the page and a menu on the right. The contents of the navigation become bordered when the cursor touches it.

The shades of Yellow and Gray colors don’t give the website dullness. The fonts used gives the site an elegant and simple look.

This website is a featured example and not created by Elementor Resources team.

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