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Lydia Romeike Photography

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Lydia Romeike Photography

Lydia Romeike is a leading photographer based in Morristown, Tennessee. This site welcomes you with a full-screen sliding banner with a button that directs you to the gallery. Aside from the slider, the landing page just contains the top navigation bar.

The Gallery page is made with simplicity and the photos are organized. It is grouped into three column with thumbnails each that zooms in when hovered.

Photos are arranged into four columns. I like that the site displays high-definition images. The use of simple fonts maintained the clarity of the contents.

This website is a featured example and not created by Elementor Resources team.

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  1. Shibs

    No longer a good example…

    1. Elementor Resources

      Please tell us why do you think this is no longer a good example website for Elementor. 🙂

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